Thursday, June 3, 2010

I am Here and Hope to be up to Full Speed Very Soon!


Things have really been wild around here and there are several changes…..

Sad Things…..Mr. Tom Turkey got on the road and was hit by a car.

Big Nose Kate ( Hen ) disappeared and today, Gypsy has not been home in two days.

Good things……Bunny the little kitten Roy brought home from the rig had Kittens and two are alive and growing.  They are darling, they are still too tiny to be sure of their sex.

Miss Pearl is still here, but she wonders off everyday.

We went to Victoria for Matt’s Graduation from College, he graduated Cum Laude.  We are very proud of him.  He will be a great History teacher.  We stayed at the Peaceful Pelican in Palacios and it was wonderful.  The old house sits right on the bay and the view in the morning is awesome.






Roy is doing great with his weight loss, he has lost about 40 pounds in about nine weeks.

I had mine on the 27th of May and have already lost about 5 pounds.  I am sure mine weight loss will be slower.

We have not finished fencing, there is  a lot of clearing left to do to fence the last 2,000 feet, so it will take a while .

We have been working at the Lake House, getting it ready for the summer, hopefully Juan and I will finish up most of the work this weekend.

We have been praying for rain and today at 8:00 am, it started raining and it is still sprinkling at 7:00pm.  I think we had at least 4 inches of rain,  The pasture should be covered with grass in about a week.  Thank you, Lord.

I am working on my furniture on the Patio, still painting it.  I got new cushions and a few other things, hope to show it soon.  I have done a couple of new tablescapes and will post those also.003

I have painted some flower pots with chalkboard paint and different colors, I am going to give those as hostess gifts and I made some tags to give also. 

My computer was on the blink for about three weeks and right now I can’t send email and just yesterday my printer stopped working…….always something.  I will tend to those things in a day or two.

This week, I am just reading and sitting, I am very sore and can’t lift or do much housework or work outside.     Taking it easy for a week or so.

I want to thank everyone for the comments and all the emails, I can’t answer.  It is nice to have people out there thinking you.

Thanks so much….see you real soon. 

Boy do I have a lot of visiting to do….it will take time.