Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Daughter Gets Good Report

Tara got an all clear report on her fight against bladder cancer.  Of course, as some of you know, this type of cancer can and does come back, so in 3 months she will go back for a check up and this will occur for a long time.

Thanks for all the prayers.

Texas has been under severe drought conditions for several years now and this has taken a toll on my yard and plants, so I am happy to report that as I type, they are installing a sprinkler system in my yard.  This is no small feat, my yard is about 2 acres.  But soon we can plant new grass and replace lost shrubs, etc.

I am still working on craft house, got a tv but don’t have hook up and hoping to get internet service soon.  I can watch a dvd and that helps when you working in there.

I am hoping to have a new design on my blog soon and get back to regular posting and visiting my old and new friends.

Hope you will try to check in and say hello often and I will do the same.