Monday, August 19, 2013

Horses and A Horse Trailer


Never a dull moment at the Bar H, last week Miss Lily, one of my new horses, cut a large gash in her shoulder.  Roy was at work, of course, and I had no horse trailer.  Finally, a very nice neighbor came after Roy got home and we loaded all three horses in his trailer and took them to the vet.

What you need to know about the horses is that none of them are broken, so this was a real rodeo.

Two of them are female and one is a stud…..boy he was a hand full.

His name is Chico, two ladies are Miss Lily and Anna.

Mr. Chico has  split hoof, Miss Lily a cut and we are hoping Anna is expecting a little Chico.

We spent one day driving to AR to look at what was described as a used but the greatest trailer….well he lied, so the way home we checked out a new one in Mt. Pleasant, but they were closed.

Roy decided that this one was the very best, so the next day, we took another all day road trip to buy this wonderful trailer… is a great trailer.

Now we can haul our horses home when they are ready to leave vet.  Can’t wait to see this vet bill!



Miss Lily




The man….King Chico    this is one of the prettiest Apps I have ever seen. He loves the pond.





We Love our horses.



Monday, August 12, 2013


Well, finally, all I need is my bathroom hooked up and we are basically finished with it.  I have moved in all my craft stuff and my dishes, etc. and I have been working our there for over 2 weeks.

It is wonderful to be able to work a while and then go back in nice clean house and leave unfinished work right where it is.


They were still finishing painting…..painter on porch!  We have planted a few more plants, but with no rain and the terrible heat, I hesitate to plant much.  The house is 36x24, just one big room, but there is a restroom in the corner with a screen.  When I am a little more organized, I will show the inside.

I would also like to share some of my animals with you all.

We have seven dogs,  3 are livestock guard dogs and 4 are house dogs.  There 4 anatolian shepherds, one part chow, a boxer and a Boston Terrier.IMG_2034

This is Kefer, an anatolian…….he is a house dog.


This is Hope, she is a house dog.


This is Fritz, our oldest and he has been with us since 2002.  He sleeps a lot. I can’t find a picture of Dozer, the Boston Terrier,,,,,,will show him later.

I know I haven’t posted in a while and people stop coming when you don’t post, but sometimes we just post for ourselves…..guess that is what I am doing today.