Saturday, May 4, 2013



  1. There is a lot going on…..first and foremost, my craft house 36x24 is finally up and going.  I will post pictures Monday…..we are in Galveston now acting as docents for the Historical Home Tour….much fun.

Well, back to the Bar H,  we have bought two new dogs to learn from Mary how to guard the goats.  Both are Anatolian Shepherds, one is registered, but they are very different in appearance.  Soli the cream one is now three months old and Ally (Alafair) is now 8 months old.


We have also purchased a trailer and our young Hispanic helper and he will be moving on our property very soon….great help for me when Roy is gone every other 2 weeks.

Next addition to our growing family is a horse….her name is Anna Maria and she is a Pinto and will soon be on her way to live with the trainer for about 90+days, to return home ready to ride.  I am anxious to get her back and she hasn’t left yet

We have been working in the pasture, we lost a lot of trees due to drought and they have to be cut down, cut up, stacked and burned.

So between feeding dogs, cats, horse and luckily, Roy does most of the cooking, trying to keep the house clean, I haven’t been too busy.!!!!! but what the heck, it keeps you young and out of trouble.

PS We also have a Tub Garden on our patio……See you soon, Love,