Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Sunshine award from thoughts from Meme  corner

Yesterday I received an award from one the sweetest kindest lady in blogland…..LaVoice at Thoughts from Meme’s Corner.  Please go by and congratulate her on receiving the award.
Thanks LaVoice you are very kind and I will treasure this award.


Tabletop Tuesday and Tea Time

Table Top Tuesday

Tea Time Tuesday with Lady Katherine

Tuesday tea for two tea time tuesday at rose chintz cottage

red teapot blog 013

Wow, Tuesday is a busy day: 

1. A Stroll thru Life…..Tabletop Tuesday

2.The Plumed Pen…….Tuesday Tea for 2

3.Rose Chintz Cottage……Tea Time Tuesday

4. Lady Katherine Tea Parlor…..Tea Time Tuesday

5. Rose Colored Glasses….Tea Party Tuesday

I have a new Fitz and Floyd tea set and a single tea pot.











This last teapot came from Goodwill and I am not sure what it is about it I like, but I like it very much.

Now for my vignette.



The cross is from Blue Sky.


Happy Tuesday to all. 

Our Doctor visit for Roy was good, everything is go for him.  We have to make another trip to College Station today, so I will be absent again.

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Blue Monday and An Outdoor Wreath


Blue Monday

make it for Monday


Its So Very Creative monday

Time to visit Sally again at Smiling Sally for a list of Blue beautiful, funny or maybe even ugly things. Next take a trip to Its so Very Cheri and  Cottage Instincts and see all the wonderful creative things.

Roy’s surgery was great, but there has been a minor problem develop and so we are off to see the Doctor today.

Roy is very sore and having a hard time resting comfortably, which is normal, but men don’t take  additional problems very well.  I will say, he is trying hard to be a good patient.


Hopefully, the good Doctor can take care of our problem this morning and we will be back on the road to recovery.





I made this wreath to hang outside on the pump house door where I can see it from my kitchen and since all people come to my back door, they will see it also.  I need to change the little purse to a small basket, so I can put some plants in it, but the for time being, it is colorful.

Have a great Monday….hope to see you tomorrow.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tablescape Thursday


Today, once again, we journey over to Susan’s Between Naps on the Porch to gaze upon beautiful tablescapes created by our fellow bloggers.













Grapes are a great part of my kitchen, they are every where, on the border, wall clock, light switch plates and lots of other places.  The grape, wine and Cheese plates came from TJ Maxx in a set of four, the other items on the table I already had.

Today my husband is having surgery, so I will not be visiting.  Have a great day and weekend and I will hopefully be back on Monday.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

White Wednesday and Outdoor Wednesday


White wednesday 2


outdoor wedasoutherndaydreamer

I am joining Kathleen at Faded Charm for another White Wednesday, where you will find beautiful, old, new, funny, inexpensive and expensive White Things.

I am also joining Susan at Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday.

I realize they are very different, but it is goat time.  My babies are like your children, they grow very fast and if I don’t show them, they will be grown and having their own babies.








The bird is by Fitz and Floyd, it is the first thing I have by them made of wood and metal.

The lanterns came from Goodwill for $3, $4, and $5 .

I am anxious to take them to the Lake House and do a tablescape with them……..when it is much warmer.

Now my babies….I love them so!


These are just three of the 13 last ones born.  The run like heck from me, but these three were sound asleep.



Two of them are brother and sister, but I have to wait until they run to their mother to be sure which is which.



This is our old Billy, he will be sold shortly, not because he is old in age, but he can’t continue to mate his grandchildren.


This is the BARON, he is Roy’s pride and joy and he will be our main Billy now.


Can you see the paint goat in the background, she broke her hip…..at first I thought it was just sprained or bruised, but after several days, I realized it was more serious and we will have to put her down.  This is the part that just breaks my heart and I feel sorry for Roy because he is the one to do it.


Yesterday, I found a young one with the same thing, I think I have A Big Billy problem….Roy and I will discuss it when he gets home today.

A word for you city slickers, which I was one before marrying Roy 7 years ago,  living in the country and having animals can make you laugh and smile and then break your heart. We have 80 0r 81 goats. They will not line up for me to count.

You are always welcome at the Bar H Ranch.

Have a great Wednesday.

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