Friday, April 20, 2012

Bed & Breakfast……..

I recently had a bad experience at a B&B and went to the comment page and as kindly as possible related our problems and our total disappointment.  We had been there before and things were 100% different.

I was chastised  for my public comments and told I had a personality conflict with the new assistant  innkeeper.

I was very disappointed in these statements.  I have stayed in many B&B’s, this is our choice of places to stay and only one other time had a problem, it was dead of winter and the heater did not work.  I made a new board on pinterest to list some of the great B&B’s I have stayed in over the years.    I will get pictures and put them on my board as soon as possible. Thanks for listening to my hurt.

Barbara, Chastised Purple Goat Lady