Saturday, February 6, 2010

Silver Sunday Cake Anyone?



This is the last Sunday for Silver Sunday hosted by Gypsy Fish…wish she would continue….I will miss it.

But I appreciate the Sundays I could participate  in and others I could just gaze at.








Glad you stopped in for some carrot cake, come back soon and have a great Sunday, the Lord’s Day.

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Tardevil said...

Happy Sabbath to you too! Nice silver, pretty cake (bet it tastes good too!), but I LURVE that purple drapey swag thing! (and the chocolate to match!) Those goats are going to be looking in the window @ that stuff!

Southern Lady said...

Oh, how elegant, Barbara ... and with purple Hershey kisses, too!

trash talk said...

Did you borrow that carrot from the babies? Just kidding...cream cheese frosting, right? Beautiful service pieces. Love the cake plate.

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Hummm, that cake looks good enough to die for, of course it would too me since I haven't had a piece of cake since July, I'm fine now.
You silver is just beautiful. I love how you draped the sheer purple swag over the cake server, very nice.
Going to find something to eat

The French Bear said...

Your silver plate is beautiful. Love carrot cake, yummy!!!
Great mix of silver and purple!
Margaret B

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Your cakestand, tray and compote are just wonderful and I just love your cake server. You do have some really stunning pieces. Hugs, Marty

Mimi said...

Gorgeous cake stand!

Vintage Christine said...

Very lovely photography of very yummy thingies! I'm loving all the cake servers, too!

Welcome to Yaya Chique! said...

Okay...Ms. B...where is my slice of that yummy cake!!! :) Beautiful as always...xo...deb

silk purse said...

I'm just back from my 'blog nap', and I wanted to pop by and say hello, as well as to thank you for visitng my blog a little while ago..,

I love your 'Silver Sunday' post and that fabulous silver, footed cake plate especially, though the whole vignette is lovely!~ (I understand the need for a respite, yet perhaps she will resume after her break as I plan to resume my 'memes' also)!..,

Cheers from Wanda Lee @ THe Plumed Pen

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Well, the cake looks delicious, but served on the silver, it is extra special.

Kathy said...

Gorgeous silver pieces, Barbara. I love and collect cake plates and stands, though I have none in silver. Everything you've shown is so pretty...and the cakes looks de-lish too!
Wonderful Silver Sunday post!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I think you did that just to make me hungry. I love carrot cake. It looks so elegant on your beautiful silver.


Brynwood Needleworks said...

mmmmmmmmm, carrot cake is my favorite. Wait, this is supposed to be about the silver...yeah, silver...your silver is really nice, too! ;-)
Hugs this Silver Sunday, my friend.

Shelia said...

Hi Barbara! Oh, that cake looks scrumptious! Your silver is just beautiful too!
Thanks for popping in to see my Pinkness. I would have to be young again to fit into those little pink bras! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;O


How lovely! I love old antique silver! Your cake plate is beautiful.


vanilla143 said...

Ok your silver is just lovely! But you made me drool looking at your carrot cake! :D

Sarah said...

Delicious post! Thanks for sharing the silver. Happy Silver Sunday!

EnchantedBella said...

A cake plate with cake and a candy dish with candy my sweet tooth is on overload. I think I need to get some chocolate. Beautiful silver pieces. Thank you for sharing.


Gypsy Fish said...

Yummmmy! Your cake looks decadent and did you know there are no calories in cake served with fabulous silver, really! I am continuin SS.....Thanks for playing along...See you next Sunday for season 2 and the SS giveaway reveal.
{{gypsy hugs}}