Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tablescape Thursday, Thankful Thursday, Thrifty Thursday and Vintage Thingies Thursday.





Thanks to all the ladies above: 

Susan @ Between Naps on the Porch

Rhondi @ Rose Colored Glasses

Leigh@ Tales from Bloggeritaville

Suzanne @ Colorado Lady

I am well aware that I am cheating

but I am in real need of Turkeys……

yes 2 (two) turkey HENS.   Ms Hen was

killed and Mr. Tom T is suffering

something terrible.

So I pray the above ladies and all my blogger friends will forgive me this time and help me find 2 turkey hens.

This was the only way I knew to reach so many people at one time.  Of course it would only work if the hens were in Texas, but I thought some of you might appreciate my problem.


Here is a picture of the handsome fellow, it you want to show it to the hens.







These are pictures of Mr. T’s table, as you can see, he is a very refined turkey.

He is also very thrifty, what he does not eat for lunch, he cover with plastic wrap and saves for supper.


He also searches the ads for sales on bags of corn.



Mr. Tom T will be ever so grateful for any leads you

might have that will lead him to HENS!

Herald-VintageThings-ElementPack3.jpg image by commercialusestore

Well Mr. T and I have racked our brain for something

vintage to satisfy the Colorado Lady and the only 

thing or person we could find that was vintage was

ME!  I am getting older by the minute trying to find

Mr. T a couple of mates.

Upset Blond Cowgirl Holding Her Arm Over Her Forehead and Crying Tears of Sadness Clipart Illustration

Now you all know this is not me…….I have short hair, but what the heck !!!!!   Ok, you can stop laughing and get out there and find some turkeys!

Have a great day !



Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I needed a good laugh...I should have known you would have one for me:) I'm trying to ease back into Blogland. I don't have a lot of energy left at the end of the day right now, still in Florida helping with my mom for now. But, I miss my blog and my blog friends! So, now that she is home I think I can fit in some time for me. Can't help you with the hens...I did love seeing all of your rabbits. You have so many!


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Great post. I sure wish I knew where you could get a couple of hens, but alas, I don't. Hopefully somebody out there does. Hugs, Marty

LV said...

Nobody but you would have thought of doing a blog on a turkey hunting a mate. You are something else. Love your blog.

Coloradolady said...

Well, I hope you find one...poor little guy!!! You are funny with your vintage Have a great VTT!

Kathleen said...

LOL, I am not in TX, but will this gal do?

Elizabeth said...

What a fun post! Poor Mr T. - I hope he finds some lady friends soon. He is so handsome - I'm sure he won't have to wait long.

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Wow - that's a lot of Thursday thingies. Sorry I don't have any hens on me at the moment, but I wish you the best!

Vonlipi said...

Good luck in finding your turkeys.

Happy VTT!

Dolores said...

Thanks for my morning laught, your post is soooo cute!!!
You have one good looking Tom turkey, sure hope he has a mate soon.
Cute post!

Mimi said...

Poor Tom, hope he finds a couple of good looking hens to put a spark back in his eye!

Diann @ The Thrifty Groove said...

What a fun post! And stunning tablescape! :)

CC said...

He must be so lonely without his lady friend. I hope you find more soon,but in my area of Texas,I don't know of any. Poor little guy...he's so handsome,maybe a lady will find him.

Miri said...

Hope Tom meets his mate soon...don't want him to get too vintage!

Rockin Momma said...

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jeanne said...

Barbara, I am so glad I stopped here before I went to bed. I laughed so loud my dh, already in bed, called out to see what was so funny. He didn't laugh because of course, I woke him.

Poor Tom and I can see he is a very elegant guy and deserves the sweetest most elegant hens. Wishing you luck dear friend.

Hugs, Jeanne

Roslyn said...

Shouldn't be too hard to find a couple of turkeys, I hope your Tom doesn't have to mope too long!

Adrienne said...

here from FF thanks for stopping by my blog I am folllowing you now =)

Atticmag said...

Cannot help with the hens (NYC -- 12th floor though we do have some biddies in the building) but your post is priceless. I particularly like the atmosphere set by the feedbag. -- Jane F.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Glad to see that you're giving Tom some special treatment while he's feeling a bit blue.