Saturday, March 17, 2012

My New Bathroom

Last Spring and Summer, we remolded our house.  We tore out wall, changes doors,flooring colors, etc.  My pride and joy is my new shower that measures about 4feet by 6 feet, a new cabinet in the bath and an old section of a screen I am using for my necklaces.




See You Soon……visit me on Pinterest, I am just getting started.



Dixie said...

We'll be doing a new bathroom next year. I LOVE that shower!

Guy Mccardle said...

You certainly like the color purple! Purple is actually a color that is both warm and cool, so it can be considered a neutral color. That means it can blend with any and every color. And it has been traditionally associated with royalty, so you definitely gave your bathroom a royal atmosphere with that.

Chase Conely said...

Your bathroom looks gorgeous! But what I love is how you incorporated your favorite color in the design. Aside from the walls, the little details that come in purple became part of the design and style. And the door turned necklace holder is quite nifty! Job well done!

Keaton Oakes said...

It’s raining purple in your bathroom! If you take a look at my bathroom, you’ll see that everything is colored blue, even the tiles! By the way, were you the one who designed your bathroom? Your bathroom looks very feminine!