Friday, April 20, 2012

Bed & Breakfast……..

I recently had a bad experience at a B&B and went to the comment page and as kindly as possible related our problems and our total disappointment.  We had been there before and things were 100% different.

I was chastised  for my public comments and told I had a personality conflict with the new assistant  innkeeper.

I was very disappointed in these statements.  I have stayed in many B&B’s, this is our choice of places to stay and only one other time had a problem, it was dead of winter and the heater did not work.  I made a new board on pinterest to list some of the great B&B’s I have stayed in over the years.    I will get pictures and put them on my board as soon as possible. Thanks for listening to my hurt.

Barbara, Chastised Purple Goat Lady


jeanne said...

Good morning Barbara, I am so thrilled that you are posting again. When did you start? I have missed you so much. I see you posted on PS too. Maybe you commented and I am still responding to the many comments about our anniversary so I didn't notice.

Good for you commenting about your B & B experience. When people are displeased about something a comment in good taste is a good thing. It could make the owners react in a positive way...or not. HA!

You made my day Barbara.
xo, Jeanne

Anonymous said...

The should have done right by you and made you feel better in hopes that one day you would visit again.