Friday, August 10, 2012


Today is my husband’s birthday and we are off to Victoria, Texas to share this day with our son and daughter-in- law.

Tomorrow we are going to start toward home and visit the some of the Painted Churches, there are about 20 total, but we will probably see only about 6-7.

Several years ago I went with a group of ladies and would like to show you just one of these gorgeous churches.  I will show more later.

This is St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Ammannsville, Texas.

LaGrange and Sclumberg Painted Church Tour Oct 09 2006 003

LaGrange and Sclumberg Painted Church Tour Oct 09 2006 009

LaGrange and Sclumberg Painted Church Tour Oct 09 2006 011

LaGrange and Sclumberg Painted Church Tour Oct 09 2006 015

It is hard to really see the total beauty of this magnificent church.

Hope one day some of you can visit these churches.

Will bring back pictures of the other churches we visit.

Have a great day!



Victoria is a great little town. I love the park along the Guadalupe River!!'s nice to meet another Texan blogger. Thanks for stopping by and taking time to leave a comment.

SmilingSally said...

Oh, how beautiful! I love that ceiling, Barbara. Thanks for sharing.

LV said...

I would love going to see these churches. When it gets cooler, will check them out.

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

What a beautiful church. I love taking pics of churches of the different places we visit. Happy BD to your hubby.

Deb said...

wow beautiful..sounds like fun...

Kristin_Texas said...

Pretty! I love the old churches. I've always wanted to have one converted into a home to live in.


Mimi said...

I remember driving across Texas.....the first summer was to move our Daughter to Orlando from Phx......that I-10 through texas is a LONG drive.....somewhere near Houston.....I recall seeing those signs for painted churches tours.....I thought wow...that looks interesting....but did not do it....
two years later we moved our Son to Orlando to attend Law School there at a Private Catholic Law School....again I saw the signs and year later...he got into the LAW SCHOOL At the University near home and he decided since he would take the BAR here in AZ it would be better to come back to Az....So I flew there and drove back to AZ with him......we stopped in New orleans for the weekend...since it was Mother's Day that is what I wanted to do and he was a Saint to oblige.....we also stayed a day in San Antonio.....but NO painted church tour......One day!!!
thanks for taking me along!!!
So good to hear from you....I have missed you!!!|
Hugs 2 u,

marble mantels said...

I love the churches & rivers of Victoria. Thanks for sharing nice memorable pictures.

~ Herman Swan

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