Monday, August 12, 2013


Well, finally, all I need is my bathroom hooked up and we are basically finished with it.  I have moved in all my craft stuff and my dishes, etc. and I have been working our there for over 2 weeks.

It is wonderful to be able to work a while and then go back in nice clean house and leave unfinished work right where it is.


They were still finishing painting…..painter on porch!  We have planted a few more plants, but with no rain and the terrible heat, I hesitate to plant much.  The house is 36x24, just one big room, but there is a restroom in the corner with a screen.  When I am a little more organized, I will show the inside.

I would also like to share some of my animals with you all.

We have seven dogs,  3 are livestock guard dogs and 4 are house dogs.  There 4 anatolian shepherds, one part chow, a boxer and a Boston Terrier.IMG_2034

This is Kefer, an anatolian…….he is a house dog.


This is Hope, she is a house dog.


This is Fritz, our oldest and he has been with us since 2002.  He sleeps a lot. I can’t find a picture of Dozer, the Boston Terrier,,,,,,will show him later.

I know I haven’t posted in a while and people stop coming when you don’t post, but sometimes we just post for ourselves…..guess that is what I am doing today.




Sue said...

I took time today to go through my blog list and imagine my surprise when I saw you were posting again. I guess there have been a few over the past months that I have missed, I thought you were gone from blogging!

An entire craft house, how amazing is that? Loved meeting your pups. I can't imagine having 4 in the house. We had 2 for a little while as our old one was fading and our new "baby" came to live with us. The 6 months we had them both almost drove me crazy. One was dying and one was wild. I swore I was a one dog person after that!

Kathleen said...

That is wonderful! I need one!
Have fun with it.

Mohamed Abdellatif said...
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Mohamed Abdellatif said...

That is wonderful! I need one!
Have fun with it.
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