Sunday, May 31, 2009

What Is Happening on Our Blogs?

I started blogging in October 2008.  I have met so many wonderful people, even have had the opportunity to meet some in person.

In the last several months, I have seen a dark and hateful side to blogging and I am shocked and angry.

I have seen several friends ridiculed for their beliefs, is this country still not one that affords us freedom of speech?  Where are we headed  if we lose this privilege?

We will never agree with everyone, but we must afford them the right to state their beliefs and we have the right to respectfully disagree or simply log off that blog.

I thought blogging was about having a place to write about my life with its ups and downs and to state my opinion and I thought blogging was about my having a choice of which blogs I choose to read.

If I am wrong, then maybe it is not the place for me.

Most of us all have been blessed with good lives and for those that have serious problems, it is our place to support them in their times of need.

If you don’t feel this way, then maybe this is not a place for you either.

This is my space and if you are not happy here, then please leave.



marty39 said...

I am so sorry that you have witnessed ugly people with ugly manners. It is and should be a place to feel free to do as you please and if someone does not agree to either not comment or stop following. I hope you have many wonderful friends that will continue to make this a welcoming place. Hugs, Marty

Nola @ the Alamo said...

I've only had one negative experience. I agree with Marty (above) if they don't like it, they should stay away. The whole idea is to be able to say what you want on your space! My motto is "if you don't like it, leave it." Hopefully, all the positive experiences will make up for the negatives.

Barbara said...

Barbara- the Purple Goat Lady I personally have not had an negative remarks, of course that could change now, but I have seen some and heard about others...What a shame we can't all have respect for each other.

Deanna said...

Oh no Barbara dear, I am so very sorry to hear about this! I had no idea this was happening. You are absolutely right about our blogs being the one place where we can all put our own thoughts and feelings and if someone doesn't agree, I feel that they should just hit that little x up on the right side of the screen and vacate the premises on which they have visited.
I feel that we are guests on each others blogs and we should be respectful of one another. I just can't imagine leaving a comment on one of my bloggy friends home and saying something hateful and hurtful. That is so not right! Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Many hugs,

ginny said...

Oh Barbars, I so agree with you. Did you know that someone removed my blog from her favorites because of my religious beliefs? She actually told me, how about that? The first thing I wanted to do was stop blogging. But I realized that I WAS NOT the one with the problem. You are right in saying that not everyone can agree with everything you say or how you write, but if it bothers them that much then leave. Why do some bloggers think that they are the best at what they do? C'mon bloggers have a little bit of respect here.

Deb said...


I'm sorry you've had an bad experience...I really enjoy your blog and hope you stay around...I haven't had any bad experiences...thank goodness...I've been enjoying getting to know nice folks from around the world...

Shellmo said...

Barbara - you have my sympathies!! I know how you feel! This is your blog and you are entitled to YOUR feelings and opinions. People seem to forget that a blog is a PERSONAL journal of someones thoughts, feelings, experiences and opinions. If they don't like it - then go away! Don't let this bad apple spoil your experience.
P.S. I recently had someone report me to the Michigan Audubon society for a post I wrote on my birding blog. I was extremely upset on how my words got misconstrued but then I realized - there is always someone out there that likes to make trouble. You will get over this - I promise. Hugs to you!

Stacey said...

Gosh Barbara. I'm sorry you experienced something negative. I never have but I'm always wary...our blogs are open to anybody and everybody. We can't control what they say. That makes me feel vulnerable.

If you can, just let it roll of your shoulders and move on. We don't want you to leave your blog!!

Beverly said...

Amen! Good for you. I fully agree.

Why can't everyone just be nice?!

Delightfully Wed's Weblog said...

I'm fairly new to blogging, so I haven't experienced the negative so far. I'm sure I will at some point. I have to agree with you - if it's your blog - you have the right (and we do still have that freedom in our country) to say anything that you want on your own blog. I think if everyone thought the same way, we would live in a very boring world. Our differences are what makes us unique individuals. I have learned so much over my lifetime from others who have thought differently from me. Have I always agreed with them, no but I respect them and sometimes I have seen a whole other side to a concept, idea, problem, etc.

If someone posts something ugly on my blog - I will just delete their post. After all that's what the delete button is for! lol I use it all the time on emails - I never email someone a nasty reply about not emailing me, I just hit delete - I'm done...over and forgotten.

Looking forward to getting to know you better, Purple Goat Lady. Your name makes me smile. :)

Kat said...

Well written Barbara! I personally know how hurtful it can be.

Walkervldh said...

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