Wednesday, September 9, 2009







Shelia said...

Lord, have mercy! That is scary! :)
Hope you're doing well!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

lol...some of them running around with tats now are plum scary, can you imagine in 20 yrs....sends chills up my spine.

Mimi said...

I agree with Maxine, so scary, I will hold on to my oldies forever!!! And I have no tatoos!!!
have a blessed day

Lynns Lovelies said...

ot only scary, but really could be gross~~LOL!! The term 'oldies' should refer only to the 'original oldies'!!

Thanks for the laughs!

~Let FREEDOM Ring!~

Sami said...

That is too funny! Wait, I am part of that generation *shudder*. I have long forewarned many a friend tatoos won't be quite so nifty when they are 80!. Thanks for the laugh! I love Maxine.


trash talk said...

Can you just imagine where some of those tats will be shifted to with gravity working it's magic on the "oldies" bodies?
Psst, don't tell anyone, but I have a secret desire to get one...but I'm too much a scaredy cat to do it, plus I know it's just a mid-life crisis phase and I'll get over it!

Shelley said...

Omigosh - I am NOW scared! LOL!!

Kat said...

LOL! Sad, but true...and that IS scary!


Lavender Chick said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by, I'm glad you found me and that I have now found you! Oh - regarding one of your earlier posts - I am a Texas blogger...

Love your blog and now I'm pff to read more about the Purple Goat Lady!


LV said...

We might as well get ready, as it is coming. It is really something to think about in all things, what the next generation will face.

Teresa said...

So true! BUt try and tell anyone considering a tatoo that they will actually grow older and so will the tattoo, they won't listen!(My son got one yesterday!)

SmilingSally said...

LOl that IS scary! Thanks for the morning chuckle. I love Maxine.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Terrifying! Absolutely terrifying!


Sheila :-)

ginny said...

Never gave it a thought until now. Ick!

silk purse said...

How hilarious and sobering, depending on how you look at it!.., ha!..,

Thanks so much for your kind and very entertaining comment on my dear mom's blog; The Plumed Pen of Lady Velvet..., She was so tickled and delighted and she adored the description of your animal menagerie,(as Did I)!..,What fun!.., Even wild turkey's!..,
When I'm a little more well rested I'll share my mouse rescue and french hen stories.., Until then..,
Take care, enjoy life, your family and sundry pets galore, to the full!

Happy blogging dear Purple Goat Lady..,

P.S. Your virtual " nom de plume" reminds me of my goating herding adventures, which will have to be another tale for another day!

Cheers from silken Purse

silk purse said...

My computer has been acting up all day/ server problems or some such thing!..,

Oh well; i'll try to reconstruct what I just wrote as it was also alas, lost in cyber space..,

Thank you so very much for cheering my dear mom's day! She loved hearing fo your animal managerie, as did I..,

What fun, even two wild turkies!.., I'll tell you of my mouse rescue, french hen and goat herding adventures IN ANOTHER FUTURE BLOG POSTING another day.., cheers from Silken Purse

silk purse said...

WELL GO FIGURE!.., the silly thing, told me the message could not be delivered due to a server error..,Oh well

"Two for the price of one", I guess..,

Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff said...

Oh dear, I wonder what will be hip them, can it get any worse?


jeanne said...

Hi Barbara, I am glad I will be gone by then. Ha ha. I abhor tatoos. LOL.
I always wonder about these tatoos people are so proud of. Will they regret it someday??? I will never know.

Love the cartoon of Maxine.


Half of the Style Sisters said...

Oh my gosh I totally agree! Scary scary!! I for one will always love the real oldies music...Frank, Dean, big band music and I'm not 50 yet!