Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Not Perfect but will do!

I am not sure why I am creating a blog. I don't sell anything and am not particularly creative,but I am home alone alot and thought this was a way to meet new people.
I will continue to work on my blog's appearance. I hope you can tell I like purple, in fact my husband says he lives in Barney's Belly. We have about 40+ goats at the present time, but will be heading to the auction within a month or two. We have too many males and plan on buying some addition nannies.

Most people believe raising goats is just putting them in a pasture and forgetting them until time for market, well folks that is far,far from the truth. They have worms, pink eye and other problems, so I check my goats everyday and spend time in the pasture learning about each goat.
There is nothing cuter than a baby goat and nothing sweeter. I will include some pictures shortly.

Well that is your lesson for today........Goats 101. Tune in for the next episode and please let me hear from you.

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