Thursday, April 30, 2009


I decided that for me Friday would be pictures of all the animals that live here with Roy and me.

Of course I will start with my three babies.


This is Sunshine, she was born on April 20. She is a big healthy goat. She still likes me to hold her when she takes her bottle.


Booger Red and Termite, they are sisters. They were born on March 22.  Termite is the brown and white one and she is very tiny and crippled, but she never lets that stop her.


These are the three I am raising…tonight will be their second night out in a pen by themselves.

It has proven to me that I should always raise at least 2 together.  They have each other.

The Ducks..we have 8.008

These 3 are new.


These were colored Easter Ducks from last year.


There is one missing in this picture.


Dogs and Cats






Five Cats names are Meow Say Toon. Te Neg, Miss Cali, Patches and Chloe.







Names:  Savannah, Ginny, Fritz and Dozer who goes to work with Roy.

I have shown pictures of Pilgrim and Mary, the guard dogs that stay with the goats.

Yesterday this gentleman or lady was in the yard.


Nearly everyday the wild turkey comes. Several days ago a large flock of yellow finches stopped by for a rest and a bite to eat.

The hummingbirds are here, we counted about 8 so far….hard to take their picture.

Well, this is my family and I love each one.  Sometimes I grow weary just feeding in the afternoon, but I get over it.

On Saturday, May 9th. Roy and I are flying away on a big jet to Sedona, Az. for one whole week and my kind cousin from Waco is taking over the chores of all the above……hope she is resting this week.

We really thank her, we couldn’t leave unless she would come to stay.

If you are ever bored, please just come to Texas and we will be glad to let you feed a few animals.   I complain sometimes, but wouldn’t trade my life for any other.

Love Y’all,



Stacey said...

Looks like the perfect menagerie to me. Have a wonderful trip!

Terry said...

Oh I love that you posted all their photos how wonderful,
I miss living in the country and all the animals. Someday I'll get there again.I forgot the turtles come round in May.
Blessings to you and all your precious animal family.
Hope you enjoy your time away together.
Happy Trails.

ginny said...

Oh Barbara, Don't you just love those animals? I used to have a dog, but after my daughter's wedding in 2003, we had to put him down. I loved that dog so much that I cannot bring myself to get another. I love the goats you have. We have deer, wild turkeys, turtles (we are surrounded by lakes) geese, ducks, fox, all kinds of weird looking birds, as well as racoon, and all kinds of woodsy creatures! I love to keep my windows open now and listen to the frogs sing me to sleep. It is music to my ears!
I cannot believe how little sleep you get. I could not function if I got up a 2am every morning. How do you do it?
How fun to get away to Sedona. I never have been there, but a friend brought me back a piece of red rock from there.
Thanks for your kind words that you always leave on my blog. I enjoy hearing from you.
Blessings of peace and love,

Shellmo said...

I love all your babies Barbara! It's sweet how those goats were cuddling with each other. If I lived near you - I would be BEGGING you to come over!!! :-)

Cher said...

I'm like Shellmo. I'd be begging you to let me feed those babies! Have a good trip. Lucky cousin from Waco!

The Texas Woman

Eclectic Pink Rose said...

They are ALL soooooooo adorable!!!!! I can see now why you spent a restless night worrying!!!
♥ Teresa

jeanne said...

Hooray, photos of the babies and all of your wonderful animals. Barbara I love your post. Thank goodness your cousin is willing to feed all the darlings while you are off on a fun trip. You deserve some R & R. Have a wonderful time.


Susan S. said...

ahhh..thanks for sharing the cute pictures of your "babies"...young and old.

You're lucky you have someone to come and take care of your group while your gone to Sedona. I have a hard time just leaving my dog and cat!

Carla said...

Nice to meet your fam!!!
Once we had goats (one long eared pet named Donut still has my heart), and ducks (and chickens, and a few pigs and cows, etc). I don't know what is sweeter than a long eared baby goat:) (Maybe three) Our current neighborhood doesn't allow farm animals, so I just admire others via the web. (pardon the drool)
Ya'll have fun on your little vacation!!!

Smilingsal said...

I'd rather you feed your animals, and I'll enjoy the pictures!

Nancy @ La Chambre Rose said...

Barbara: You must spend all day taking care of these sweeties! Hope you enjoy Sedona. I loved the area when we went through.

Anonymous said...

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