Monday, January 4, 2010



Blue Monday

It is time for Blue Monday and it is the first Monday of 2010.

Thanks to Sally for hosting this day.  Be sure you visit her at Smiling Sally for the list of participants for today.


In all the cold and nasty weather we have been having here in Texas, there is a  bright note in my yard.   Bluebirds and Blue Jays.



Mr. and Mrs.  Bluebird are making a nest in my bluebird house.   They are so beautiful and I enjoy watching them go back and forth carrying their materials to the house.  Hopefully I will be able to see the little birds when they start coming out and learning to fly.

Happy Blue Monday to you and many more in 2010.

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PS  Thanks for all the good thoughts for Sharon, she is not really my sister, we just adopted each other because neither one of us have a sister, but I care for her as a sister.


sharon said...

Hey, I think a really good sister would give her only sister some of her cute clothes! I have almost worn out that one little belt you loaned me. I really expect a car load of clothes on my doorstep ASAP.Sharon

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Barbara, We all need a Sister, God given by birth or God given by friendship..either way they are both special. My prayers continue to go up ward for Sharon.
I love the blue birds and blue jays...we have had a large flock, I guess is what you'd call them, of Blue Jays fighting with our squirrels for the bird feeders, the are so funny.
Hope you have a blessed day.

Janet said...

thanks so much for visiting my blog and including me in your blog roll! i have added you to mine as well and look forward to following you!

Tricia said...

Beautiful birds! I love blue birds but very seldom see them up here in MI. Although I did get some to my feeder when I lived in OH. Great photos.


Susan S. said...

Hi there the bird pictures! Hope you had a great holiday season. By the looks of your blog you have a busy year ahead! Hugs from Houston,TX.

Maya said...

I wish you a Very Happy New Year, Barbara!!

Anne~fiona and twig said...

Those bird photos are just amazing!

Being an only child, I have several adopted sisters as well. After all, family isn't always defined by blood, right? :-)


LV said...

What great, bright blue colors the birds have. I love both of them and will be glad to see one around here. Loved your post.

Tara said...

You have some great shots!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

The birds are beautiful. I'm so sorry your friend is ill and I'll send good thoughts her way for a speedy recovery.

I just left you a treat on my blog!


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Beautiful pictures, Barbara!


Sheila :-)

My name is PJ. said...

I'm a big fan of bluebirds; we were bluebirders for 15 years. I'll have to post about that one day.

Bluejays are bullies...the males are pretty, but they're bullies....

Pretty pictures!

bj said...

Hi, Barbara, pretty birds here.

Since Texas is so darn big, us Texas bloggers are spread out all over the place. Like you, I'd love to see a TEXAS BLOGGERS GET-TOGETHER but it sure would take some planning...
Have a beautiful day..

Kat said...

Hi sweet friend

Happy New Year! I'm so sorry to hear about Sharon. She's so lucky to have a "sister" like YOU.


Candy said...

They do bring a splash of sunshine to the winter blahhhs!
I know what you mean about visiting...just not enough time to see all the wonderful things and people that keep popping up.
I have been in a blog funk lately but today I feel a breath of fresh energy coming my way. A hormone swing in the RIGHT direction ;-)
Staying warm and hope you are too!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

What a great Blue Monday post! Aren't they just the cutest little fellas?

Happy, Happy New Year Sweet Girlie!


animal print gal said...

I wish I had a sister like that right now...
Thank you for sharing your beautiful bird photos! These kind of pictures I see and wonder how some people don't believe in God?
I am in AWE with the beauty God creates!...