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I haven’t been here for a while, but thanks to Susan, this fun day filled with beautiful pictures is still here.  Visit her at Southern for the list.

WHAT? how can you participate in Outdoor Wednesday with no pictures?

Well believe me, when you read my post, you will be thrilled that I didn’t show any pictures.

Outdoors at the Bar H  right now consists of leaves that poor Roy keeps fighting because I complain that they get tracked in the house.  BUT..BUTT, we have lots of those around here and they produce lots of POOP is also a big problem that my wonderful husband can’t fix.

With close to 60 goats and 2 large dogs in the pasture, it is hard to walk in some areas out there and not step in something. 

Now we move to the yard, which is 3 acres, so you say, well that is plenty of room for 4 more dogs and 5 cats……not exactly.  But the dogs do have a place way off behind the hedges and the cats do cover it up and confine their poop to the flower beds.

BUT, now we come to Mr. and Mrs. Turkey.  They, my fellow bloggers, I hate to tell you don’t not have a special place nor do they cover it up.

In the summer, they roam around the 3 acres and stay away from the house for the  most part, but since this cold,rainy  winter has set in, they have decided that  my covered patio or the cover on  front of our house barn, (not used for animals) is the place to roost during the day and they can stay dry and  out of the wind.   Now we have a real problem.  Out at the barn is not so bad, they stay on one side and it is not the side we use to go in and out of the barn,  BUT my patio is a different story.  We have tried everything to keep them off and Roy’s last suggestion was to put bull wire around the patio.   Not really an option, since that is one way and the major way we get outside.

It is not a pretty sight, but if you wait until it hardens, you can just sweep it off  into the yard and it turns to powder most of the time. (at least it does not stink).

 SEE, I told you, you didn’t want pictures. , I know by now most of you are saying …Why in the heck did she write about something like that …..POOP.  Well, all of you are talented, creative, good cooks, artist, writers, not me.  I love animals and I am willing to endure things most people would not.  I also thought I would add a little humor to your life (?) or at least make you happy you are not me!

LAUGHING is not happening much around here lately, with Sharon losing her husband and now having cancer and 2 of my other friends finding out their husband’s have cancer, we just haven’t had much to laugh about.

So, I decided to try and make you smile a little, I have been laughing while writing this trying to imagine what you are thinking as you read it.

Happy Outdoor Wednesday!


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Brynwood Needleworks said...

When I was a teenager, we had geese. Not only did they poo everywhere along the front walk (our only way to get to the cars where we lived in the country), but the buggers always tried to attack you on your slippery way because you were on THEIR turf! It really ticked me off to have to defend myself as I slipped down to my car!

How do turkeys fare on collars and leashes? or little turkey kennels? I fear I have no good solutions for you, but I have LOTS of empathy for the sticky situation you find yourselves in.

Sorry to hear there is more sickness and sadness for your friends and their families. My prayers go out to all of you. Thank you for finding humor today to share with all of us, in spite of the fact that your dear heart must be aching.

Huge Hugs,

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Our chickens like to hang around my back patio. And indeed, they leave their mark. Not all guests to my home know to watch out for the landmines. Eeek!

It does sound like your trip to the Chateau will be much needed. I'm thrilled someone else gets to experience this treasure in east Texas!

Take care. ~Mindy

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Barbara, I'm so sorry about Sharon! Please know I'm thinking of you and her.

As to the poop, I had two tiny dogs that could produce more than a dog twice their size. How? I have no clue! ;-)

Happy OW to you!


Sheila :-)

Lee said...

Hi Barbara,

I sent your confirmation letter via email... now don't you and the Mister be tracking poop in Le Chateau! LOL, of course it wouldn't be the first time.

I am so sorry for your friend/ is hard isn't it...sounds like you are a good friend, and help when you are needed.

I haven't heard from my chef but should sometime today.

Thank you for all your sweet compliments on your last comment...I think you have a great talent my are a "Goat and Turkey whisperer" not everyone can do that...I have a nephew who trains the elephants at Ft. Worth zoo... he has a yard full of animals as you do. We call him the Elephant Whisperer. If you haven't seen Robert Redford in the Horse Whisperer, it is worth watching.

You take care...of yourself too!

Janet said...

you succeeded! i feel completely "poop" educated now! my mom raised me to believe that if i had a horse it should live in the house! i trip over myself to dote on my cat...i can't imagine having acres of animals...i would be so in-love!

Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

I had to laugh when I read your post. Back in NJ there are Canadian Geese. They make a mess every where. I wasn't surprised when I heard that it was Canadian Geese that brought that plane down in the Hudson River last year. They're all over the place! Wherever there's water they hang out.

I can't help but wonder what's going on with all the cancer we hear about nowadays. Hope everyone in your life will be OK. Thank you for your kind comments.

PlantSomeRoots@Lakewood said...

Oh...we all love a good poop story. We have a beautiful lake in our backyard and that brings Canada geese. They love our yard and leave behind their calling cards. Just watch where you step...
Living it up at Lakewood,

Lady Farmer said...

Such is life on a farm!
I have to admit ~ this is the very first post I have ever read about "poop"!
We have plenty on our farm, and it is inevitable that critters want to do their business right were everyone walks. You would think with ten acres they could choose someplace other than near the house!
But, again, such is life on a farm!
(And I love it ~ life on a farm ~ not the poop!)

LV said...

Whatever it takes to put laughter in your life, go far it. I am not big on poop, but if you do not mind, why should I. Fresh air is good for you too.

Tara said...

OK, city gal here--great to read about your OUTDOOR life! :0)

shopannies said...

you posted a very picturesque story thanks for sharing

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Ew...I wouldn't be a good farm girl. I love dog at a time. One well-trained dog at a time. It did make me laugh and I've had a headache all I appreciate it!

Scrappy Doo said...

I am sorry to hear about your friends. Love,Laughter and Faith

Thank you for the turkey poop picture I have in my mind LOL

Have a great night

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Barbara, have I told you lately just how much I love made me laugh and brought back memories of that darn Demon Turkey of my Grannies, yep they do have a way of pooping where they like..ROFLMBBO, after demon chased us, he would go poop on the sidewalk, path really, no concrete, leading to the front porch...and I had to scrap it up with the hoe and threw it over the fence....
our big Black Lab is in dog pin now cause when it gets cold he poops close to the house,,and you can't walk without stepping in it..DH has a to lock up he went...poor Levi.
Hope you day is as bright as you have made mine.
I will continue to pray for your Friends and for Sharon.
Love and hugs

Mary said...

Barbara, you did make me smile. I'm sorry to hear that you are surrounded by so much illness. It's important to keep your spirits and theirs high. I hope 2010 brings you increased health, happiness and prosperity - and less poop. Hugs and blessings...Mary

Kitt said...

Hey Barbara,
Thanks for making me laugh. Like you I have some heavy sadness in my life right now so, I needed that. Let's keep on finding the bright spots in life, even if it is in the form of dodo.
P.S. I am thankful for your visit to my blog. I was getting lonely.