Monday, March 9, 2009

A Little Blue Monday

Today a little blue and a lot of “ mish mash”.

Blue doesn’t come easy around here, so I just chose a few things001

I bought about six of these $2 bird house several years ago and have used the heck out of them. Not sure where they will be this year,probably on the patio.


Bluebonnets on my Texas bird house was given to me by my mother-in-law.


This is my blue tractor.


A very large martin house, made by a gentleman at High Island, which is right on the Texas coast east of Crystal Beach.

Little Boy Blue, come blow your horn..."
by Mother Goose

Little Boy Blue, come blow your horn.
The sheep's in the meadow, the cow's in the corn.
Where is the boy that looks after the sheep?
"He's under the haycock, fast asleep."
Will you wake him? "No, not I;
For if I do, he'll be sure to cry."

I wanted to show you pictures of our pasture and pond, we have not had more than 3/4 of an inch since early fall. Our Governor has ask for aid especially for farmers and ranchers south of us.



When you walk in the pasture, your shoes and pants legs get full of dirt. There should be rye grass about 8 inches high. Our pond is down about 6 feet.

Roy said our pasture looks like a green oasis compared to south of San Antonio.

We pray everyday for rain.

I also have another sad story about a baby goat, this is War Blanket…our up and coming Billy, I heard him screaming in the pasture and found him on his side unable to get up.


I carried him to the barn to die in clean surrounding and the next thing I know he is up and walking around. I put him in pen by himself and medicated him and fed him for three days and then last night I found him down again. I brought him to house and put him in a play pen on the patio and he ate good, but despite my trying to save him, he died last night.004

Roy keeps telling me I can’t save them all, but I will never stop trying.

The rest of the herd is fine and there are a lot of nannies out there carrying little ones, so come about June and some earlier, we should have another crop of little ones running and jumping all over the place.

Thanks Smiling Sally for hosting Blue Monday again.

We are still asking for prayers for Roy’s Mom, things are up and down, but the pain is returning and her arm is swelling and we know she can only hold on just so long.

Thanks again.

See Y’all



Shirley said...

I just love your birdhouses. Such beautiful paint jobs.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Barbara, I am SO sorry about that precious little fellow. My heart goes out to you over his loss. They are precious, and you did everything in your power to save him. Please know I'm thinking of you.

And I love your blueness! The birdhouses are adorable! Love that one of Texas... what a cutie! And I love the blue tractor.

Happy Blue Monday and sending much love your way...


Sheila :-)

Honeycombmama said...

Well you chose lovely things:) Thanks for sharing
Gina Jo

Smilingsal said...

Oh, I love that song! You have so many blues. That Marlin birdhouse is unique. I remember when we lived in Texas, I saw so many things in the shape of the state. Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday.

Stacey said...

i'm sorry about your little goat! That would be one of the hardest parts of having critters - I'm convinced!

Love your blues. Love thoe bluebonnets and tractor!

My mom lives in Poteet and they are in such serious drought. Have been for several years. All she has there is dirt..not even much weeds. It's yucky!

I will pray for your mother in law and rain!

Robin said...

Happy Blue Monday! Your birdhouses are adorable and I really like the Texas one! I too am praying with you for some much needed rain! Take Care - Robin

Susan S. said...

Hi your birdhouses! And so sorry to hear about your goat. I popped over from Smiling Sal's blog...this is my first blue monday. Where in Central Texas do you live? I live in Houston.

imjacobsmom said...

Oh I'm sorry to hear about your little goat. It is so heartbreaking....I dig your blue tractor! I didn't realize that you were in such a drought. Hope your blue Monday is going well. ~ Robyn

JudyBug said...

I love the TX birdhouse. How neat! I'm so sorry about your loss after trying to so hard to save him.


Susan said...

Love the birdhouses....Running late this week visiting blogs....Hope you had a great Blue Monday!

justabeachkat said...

Hi sweet friend

We're in California and having fun, but I still like to blog. LOL

I love all of your beautiful bird many pretty ones.

I'm so sorry about your little goat. I wonder what was wrong with him. Poor thing.

I'm still praying for Roy's Mom.


Sweetie said...

Your bird houses are great. The blue tractor is awesome. The more I learn about Texas, the more I think that I would like to visit there. Happy Blue Monday.

Blondie's Journal said...


I just loved visiting you today and looking at your blues (gotta love having your very own tractor!).

I am so sorry about War Blanket. I had a feeling the story did not have a good ending. Do you have any idea what his problem was? I suppose with your drought and all it wouldn't make sense to get a goat medical care and I am sure you did all you could, I am so sorry. You've hit on a hard core animal lover here!

Thanks for sharing Barbara


debbie said...