Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A trip to Dallas!

Yesterday my friend Karen needed some extensive dental work, so I went along to drive her home.  Well, she is a tough middle aged nut and she didn’t have any pain. She ended driving up there and back!

What do you do then in Dallas,Texas (especially when you live out in the country), you have lunch at a nice restaurant and shop a little.  We had lunch at the Grand Luxe Cafe, boy what a lunch.  It started with crab cakes then I had a Southwestern salad with honey lime vingerette, it was excellent.  Don’t Leave Yet…..If you wanted dessert, you had to tell them 30 minutes ahead because they cook it to order.  Karen ordered Beignets and they brought out 8 hot wonderful ones with three kinds of sauce, chocolate, raspberry and  one with just a touch of  whiskey.  Boy, was I sorry I had eaten a crab cake and a salad even though they were both good.  Never the less I managed to devour Two of them and brought 2 home for dinner.

Well, now we are ready to shop. Our first stop was the Container Store and I plan to get organized around here.011

Wire baskets to hold onions and potatoes.


For brooms and mops….


Ironing board and iron….


Six bottle wine rack to hold wine that does not fix in wine cooler.

Now all I need is for Roy to come home and start putting all this wonderful stuff on the walls, etc.

  Karen is looking for western furniture so we started at The Arrangement.  Let me say this….to call this store upper-end would be an insult. It is upper- upper!  They had just gotten in some new bedding and the least expensive one I saw was $4, 500.00.  Yep, I call that upper-upper.  I quickly steered her out of there and after a couple more stores,  we ended up at the Old El Paso Imports, furniture out of Mexico.

They let me take pictures.




I liked this white fireplace mantle in the background.


They had lots of colorful loveseats like this one.


I could see this metal table painted and maybe inlay the top with tile or ?


I bought one of these wooden stands, they came in all colors, this one is a light lime green.  I think I will use it on my breakfast table.

Now it is time to go home, we got up at 3:30  and headed to Dallas about 4:45---Yes AM--- and now I am tired and we still have about a 2 1/2 hour drive and then I have hungry dogs, goats and ducks waiting for me.

Fun Day, but I am getting older with each trip.

See Y’all



Stacey said...

Oh boy that looks like fun! Food and shopping with a friend.

Southern Lady said...

Barbara, I enjoyed your trip to Dallas, especially the Old El Paso Imports store. I think some of the neatest accessories come from Mexico these days.

I love the wooden stand you bought. I hope you will let us see it in its new home.



Cher said...

OK, I need to go to El Paso Imports next time I'm in Dallas! I'd never even heard of it so thanks bunches for the tour.

Yes, next time you know you're coming to Bryan, let's get together. Email me so it's not a day I'm working. Ugh! I used to raise goats too when I had a farm. We all loved goat burgers and goat bar-b-que so it was fun looking through some of your posts!

Are you going to Warrenton's blog party on the 29th? Hope to meet you there!