Wednesday, June 17, 2009



Thanks to Susan@SouthernDaydreamer for hosting this day . You can find tons of other posting for today at her blog.

Many thanks Susan!

I have been looking for an event that Roy would really enjoy and I found one. He does so many things I enjoy, I wanted to return the pleasure. I checked the Texas Events Magazine and found the perfect Father’s Day gift.


Paddling the Forks

At the Martin Dies, Jr. State Park, just outside Jasper, Texas in the piney woods of deep east Texas, you can take a guided canoe trip from Bevilport (7:30am)paddle down the Angelina River, navigate through Bee Tree Slough and encounter the forks. This is where the Angelina and Neches Rivers come together. We will then paddle (I guess) back and arrive about 3:00pm.



When discussing with the lady at the park about the size of the canoe, she stated that a third person could ride in the center seat of the canoe, but would not be paddling……hehehe…… neither will the person in the front seat, ME.

Roy said it would be better if I just sat still..emphasis on still and took pictures.

AAhhhhhhhh a day on the river!

the hilbrich's canoe

When discussing what to bring the park attendant said, lunch, snacks, water, sunscreen, bug spray and toilet paper. That last item made my day!

toilrt paper

I found a nice Bed & Breakfast in Jasper and we are going to stay for 2 nights. There was only one restaurant listed besides fast food places….oh well, Roy is so excited, I will not complain.

swan hotel

He is an outdoor person, hunting and fishing and kayaking, etc.


Think of me on Saturday when the temperature is predicted at 100 degrees, paddling down the river with a smile on my face. Do you think my makeup will melt?

I know you all will be waiting impatiently to hear about this wonderful trip and see the pictures next week, assuming we don’t turn over and lose the camera.

Bon Voyage!

Happy Father’s Day

Lots of Hugs,

Paddler Barbara


Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer said...

Happy Outdoor Wednesday Barbara! You are so sounds like a wonderful day! Have a great time (and a afe trip!!) Thanks for sharing your photos.~ Susan

Eclectic Pink Rose said...

Have a safe trip, and what a wonderful one too. Sounds absolutely wonderful. Yea I'm afraid with this humidity and our triple digits, the makeup will definitely melt. ;) Don't forget your bugspray too for these ginormous "skeeters" that keep trying to carry me off at dusk. Have fun you two!
♥ Teresa

Becky K. said...

You must be going for wife of the year! That is an awesome plan to celebrate your husband.

Have fun!!!!

Becky K.
Hospitality Lane

Southern Lady said...

What a sweet idea, Barbara. That is "true love" for you to endure the elements to spend a day with Roy doing something he loves to do. I hope you both have a wonderful day and you get some good pictures to share with us.

P.S. -- I hope that's not your guide shown in the picture ... lol

Stacey said...

Hi Barbara! That is such a fun thing to do for your husband. Thank goodness you'll be on the water part of the time. You can take a dip when you want to! We want to hear all about the B&B!

Talked to my dad who lives in Lockhart this morning. He said it was 101 yesterday. Ick! We are driving down there Friday for a family reunion. I'm preparing to sweat. That's one thing I do love about Oklahoma - it's not quite as hot.

debbie said...

You are such a sport to do something he will love
take lots of water, your sun hat, sunglasses and lots of drinking water.
it sounds funny but white is the very best to wear, but you know all that.
look for those bracelet repellants that you can put on your wrist and ankles...the nats will probably be the most annoying
I agree, "you will be wife of the year." would be more fun to go on an inner tube at least part of you is in the water......
I never could pee in the body just wouldn't let me and I don't like snakes.
hugs and love

trash talk said...

That really sounds like fun...just glad it's you and not me. I don't do well in the outdoors. I expect photos of you in your bikini...that will make it the perfect Father's Day for your husband!

Mary said...

It certainly will be a wonderful day for your husband. Have a safe trip and remember to sit still-).

printersdevil said...

What a wonderful gift. Have fun and thanks for sharing this. I can't wait to see the after photos.

You might want to take a waterproof camera just in case.

Robin said...

That B&B looks really neat and it sounds like you will have fun on your trip! Get wet often to stay cool!!!

Take Care - Robin

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Hi Barbara, these are amazing pictures. You are one cool lady. Happy Outdoor Wednesday.


Sharon said...

Barbara, This sounds like a great time for you and your hunk to enjoy! Remember one other item to take. Starts with a 'w' and ends with a 'e'! Have a wonderful trip! Sharon

ginny said...

Wow! you are too good to be true. My husband is only getting a new lawn sprinkler.
Sounds like big fun on the river! Have a good time.

Regina said...

That's a sweet Father's Day treat.

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Hold very very still.

I always worry when i am on a boat "what if i have to fall in the water...It will kill my camera!!"

I walk on the ground these days LOL


Shelia said...

Hi Barbara! It's so nice to meet you! Sounds like you've got your trip all planned! I'll be waiting to see your pictures when you get back! Yes, we Texas gals gotten stick together!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Chari said...

Hi Barbara...

Just read the sweet note that you left for me on my button cloche and vignette post...I'm so glad that you came by and thank you for your sweet comments!

Girl, it sounds like you're in for an adventure! A canoeing trip down the Angelina river sounds like so much fun!!! REALLY!!! Hehe!!! Yep, my honey would enjoy that kind of a trip much more than and I might be in the same kind of boat! wink! But the B&B sounds lovely!!! Have a wonderful trip, Darlin'...what a great gift to your honey for Father's Day!!!

Warmest wishes,

Deanna said...

I'd love to take that trip! Sounds like something I would enjoy but not my!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Deanna :D