Friday, June 12, 2009

Double Post….Happy Birthday to Me and Foodie Friday!

Today is my Birthday and I was trying to decide on a cake….










Of course, I would choose the last one… You will notice there are no candles on my cakes, they wouldn’t fit and if they did, I couldn’t blow them all out….so have a piece of the cake of your choice.

Roy is working today, but we celebrated before he went to work and he gave me some beautiful turquoise jewelry he got in Sedona.




Sharon treated me to a wonderful lunch yesterday at a darling Tea Room and have already received cards from friends and family.

So far it has been a great Birthday…hope you have a great day!



Smilingsal said...

Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday dear Barbara.
Happy Birthday to you.

I'll have a piece of that second cake--the pretty blue one!

Southern Lady said...

Happy Birthday, Barbara! I hope your day is filled with everything that makes you happy. How sweet of Roy to surprise you with the jewelry. It's beautiful!

Hootin' Anni said...

Singing along with the others....


Love the turquoise.

Joyce said...

Happy Birthday to you and I love the goat cake:)

Stacey said...

Happy Birthday to my Leon County friend!!

Stacey said...

Happy Birthday to my Leon County friend!!

jeanne said...

Happy Birthday Barbara. Wishing you many more. I love the last cake too. You know I love your goats. Have a wonderful happy day. Your new jewelry from your hubby is beautiful. My kind of guy. Actually my guy would give me jewelry too. I think we have keepers. BIG smile.

This is our last morning for our computers for a week plus. I will see you after we arrive home around June 22nd.

Hugs xoxo...Jeanne

Robin said...

Happy Birthday! I hope it's a great one!!

cityfarmer said...

well hey, Happy Birthday ... have a piece of cake for me!

Yes, a straw hat has a charm all its own.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Barbara!
I love that goat cake.
and the beautiful turquoise jewelry.

The lunch sounds like a fun time too.

Have a great day and weekend.

Susan S. said...

Happy, happy birthday Barbara! And your choice of birthday cakes is just SO YOU! Candles would mess it have it Just as is!

The hubby "did good" on the beautiful jewelry! Hope you continue to have a wonderful birthday weekend!

ginny said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BARBARA! I hope all your birthday wishes come true and that you receive your heart's desire. I love the turquoise jewelry! It is soooo pretty.
Have a great day! CELEBRATE!!

Tootsie said...

girl when I got your comment I ran right over!!! I am following you now...and would love to see your flowers on Fertilizer Friday!

Cher said...

Well, I'm a day late but wishing you a happy birthday today anyway! Hope it was a good one!

The Texas Woman

Eclectic Pink Rose said...

EEEEEK!!! How did I miss your birthday post? So sorry, HAPPY HAPPY belated birthday!! Love the new jewelry from your sweetie!! Love the cake photos too. Hope you had a wonderful day!
♥ Teresa

freddie said...

Ciao Barbara
Tanti Auguri di Buon compleanno
Which means Happy Birthday!! Thanks for passing by my blog and here I am visiting yours; it seems you've an interesting life! You know what? I'd love to live in a ranch with lots of animals and working in the open air... but unfortunately I'm just about to be moved right in the centre of Rome... beautiful city, but too big for me; anyway, what God's want...

Ciao from Rome and take care

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Belated Birthday wishes!
I hope you enjoyed your day.