Friday, July 31, 2009

As a Native Texas…..


I was a teenager before I realized “fixinto “ was not a word, “coke” is not the universal word for all carbonated drinks, and not everyone knows what pickled okra is.

If you are a Texan. I’m sure you can relate to these as well.

You know all four seasons---almost summer, summer, still summer, and Christmas.

           “Ya’ll” is a word.

The Texas flag is the only flag that can be flown at equal heights to the U.S. flag.

In South Central Texas there is only one question….do you bleed orange or maroon?

You know what “snipe hunting” and “cow tipping” is. 

Distance is measured by minutes not by miles.

Going to Walmart or Wally World is a good form of entertainment.

You don’t know how anyone can survive without a truck or all-terrain vehicle.

You know what leaves make the best toilet paper.

Cowboy boots are considered dress shoes.

You drive with one hand resting on the top of the steering wheel and raise two fingers to wave at every passing car.


Hope you enjoyed things that are Uniquely Texan.



Southern Lady said...

I loved this, Barbara, especially the one about waving at passing cars. I think that's a southern thing.

Hope your weekend is a good one.

SmilingSally said...

The last one was the thing I loved most about Texas living. Everyone greets you with a wave and a smile. We lived in Fort Worth for one year, and when we returned to South Florida, I went to the mall and greeted quite a few strangers before I realized that I was getting dirty looks!
Texans are friendly!

The Texas Woman said...

Hide those boots or I'll cut 'em up ad make somethin' out of 'em!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Texas isn't far from Alabama!
I have actually been snipe hunting :-)

Cathy said...

Amen!!! Love the boots!!! They are the only thing my husband wears!!! I like them too!!!

Hope YA'LL have a wonderful day!!!

Stacey said...

Amen! We've had to carry our Texas ways with us to Oklahoma..they certainly are part of your soul when you are Texan. :)

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Barbara, this is so cute. Great post honey. Great post. Amy saw the eye Dr. yesterday in regards to her eyes. She is at 76 pounds and is very malnourished. She needs to be fed, but she is refusing IV feedings. Her health issues seem to be related to the fact that she is malnourished. Debbie is afraid that when they go to see Dr. Medina in Oklahoma City on Monday, August 3rd, that they will refuse to do the surgery because she is so thin. Debbie is at her wits ends, because you cannot make someone fight if they are tired and do not want to play anymore. This is Amy's call. She has to decide what it is that she wants. I am praying for strength and rest with peace for Debbie. She is fighting and she needs it to get through each day. She had a frustrating day yesterday to say the least. Take care my friend, I am sure she will write when she can. I will try to be faithful and keep you updated. Country Hugs and love, Sherry

Joy said...

I related to all of these, but thankfully never had to rely on a leaf. ;)

I grew up in the south and I can still see my grandaddy and my mom giving the little two finger sweet wave as they drove down the road.
We had to live in CA for a few years and I would wave at my neighbors and they would give me the weirdest looks. I couldn't believe they couldn't receive such simple guesture.


debbie said...

IT WAS A FUN POST TODAY. I LOVE THE would be wonderful to never meet a stranger.
Praying for you a beautiful day full of blessings.
Thank you for being such a wonderful friend.
I have your beautiful picture posted on my blog
Angel Hugs
How is Tara doing?
Tell her Hi for me

Bellamere Cottage said...

I swear, you Texas gals are just the best fun. I LOVE the PNW...I was born and raised here. It's my home. But, the folks are not exactly overflowing with "friendly"....I'm so often astonished. And sad. I would LOVE the two finger wave at everyone. :-)

I've gotta visit Texas....We went to New Orleans a few years ago and were amazed at the friendliness of the people. It was such a treat...I think I need to go south.


hpabate said...

Hello Barbara, how ya'll doin?
Yes I do believe in Oklahoma that ya'll is a word, it's funny when we moved out here to Arizona everyone thought I was crazy when I spoke.

I love the cowboy boots.

Have a wonderfully blessed weekend,


jeanne said...

Hi Barbara, I am still smiling at your Texas jargon. I knew some of it but not all. A really fun post today.
I should plan a vacation to Texas so I can meet some of my Texas blogging friends. There are lots of you out there. I love ya'll a bunch. My sister lived in Dallas several years and two of her kids were educated in Texas. They still say "Don't mess with Texas" and they mean it.


Eclectic Pink Rose said...

You know it!! Love this post, and unfortunately I was introduced to snipe hunting at an early age when my very first high school boyfriend took me. LOL!!! I was a very gullible one!! I then of course had to take everyone I knew. ;) And for a long long time, I wore my "good" boots "out" and to town, and my ragged boots to the barn and the rodeos. ;) I have since traded in my boots for heels and flip flops, but not the honey, he still wears them everyday. ;)
♥ Teresa

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Texas sounds like a very friendly place to live! Thanks for sharing and have yourself a wonderful day.


suesueb said...

yep-those southerners sure are special!! we have some similar cajun list (not about cowboy boots) that are too funny-i'll have to post them one time. thanks for visiting me!

Lisa said...

You are too funny! I love the 4 seasons! Goodness Gracious, that's the gospel truth.:)

LV said...

I can relate to all your list today. Been there and done that. What memories you brought back. I am glad you shared with us and too, that you stopped by my place. I am where the West begins in Texas and is as far as I am going.

darnold23 said...

So funny and so true. Although, I can relate to several of those in Arkansas as well....maybe Texas bled over the border. We, of course, bleed RED here. Woo Pig Sooie. We'll never forgive you for cheating us out of the 1969 National Championship:)

Pam said...

My, but you are so right! My son just graduated from UT TYLER has moved to Waco for a job at K25 the ABC television station. He is a crazed longhorn fan. As my blog, Texas Tea Party name says I love Texas. One of my favorite sayings is full as a tick.

Terry said...

Howdy Barbara
On behalf of this Native Texas Gal thank you ! I really enjoyed reading this post.
Love those boots !!!!!
Blessings to you and all yours this day.
May God pour out blessings upon you that over flow your cup today and in the coming week.
Big Hugs
Happy Trails