Wednesday, July 1, 2009

RED, White and Blue on Wordless Wednesday!

Thanks Dixie for sponsoring  Wordless Wednesday!  Visit her at French Lique for more participants.

wordless wed



rwb clown


Happy Wordless Wednesday to All.



printersdevil said...

This made me laugh and I so needed this right now. TFS

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Joyce said...

Happy 4th of July.

Dixie said...

Hi Barb... I'm beginning to think it's my background? Maybe I'll try a different on...

anyway... clowns... scary... don't like them since reading "It" by Stephen King... but yours IS R/W/B!

have a happy 4th... and be careful with those sneaky clowns!

xinex said...

Happy indeed! Happy Independence Day!...Christine

CIELO said...

Hi Barbara.... such a cozy virtual home you've created here! Love all your colors.... and thanks for visiting the house in the roses; so nice meeting you!

have a blessed day, Barbara


Michelle@Sweet Something said...

Clowns make me a little nervous! :) At least he's a patriotic one!! Happy WW and 4th!

KayC. said...

Have a fun and safe 4th!

Cathy said...

Great pic!!! Rockin' some red, white and blue!!!

Hapyy 4th!!!

Terry said...

Howdy Barbara
Oh wow this was a wonderful choice thank you so much for the smile !
I need a happy smile today .
Blessings to you sweet lady .
Have a marvelous 4th of July .
Happy Trails

Lynn said...


Aimee said...

Ok, this guy is a little scary! Right out of a Stephen King Movie... Makes me wonder if he goes out and offers children balloons from the storm sewer!

Sorry, clowns just kinda freak me out! :)

Angela said...

I see you have kind of scared everyone with your clown! lol At least he is a patriotic clown!

Happy 4th of July!!!


Smilingsal said...

I have a friend who collects clowns. Thanks for sharing.

Our house has not been started.

Deanna said...

Hi dear! That is one colorful clown..I'm terrified of them but this one seems fun a full of bright!!

Have a great day and I hope to see you at PS!!

Deanna :D

Kat said...

He's a bit scary!

Happy 4th sweet friend.