Monday, February 16, 2009


Roy came home from the rig with a pair of shorts that needed a button.  No big deal, right?

1. eyeball the button whole to get an idea of the size you need and …

2. check the color of the thread used in sewing the shorts.

3 now we are ready to start our hunt for the above items.

4. we also need a needle and a pair of scissors.

Buttons…I have tons



This is just one of many drawers



needles and the right color of thread









All we need now is a pair of scissors and we are in business……

082Several minutes later and I do mean several minutes, you are ready to sew the button on…..Then I take a good look at these shorts he is so worried about and low and behold….they have a ripped pocket and the elastic in the waist is lost all it function…..but he says they are just fine and all he needed was ONE button.

Oh well, he has his button and he is happy, so why am I stressing over these “Over the Hill Shorts”

MEN, don’t we just love them!


Ps Tara left Saturday afternoon, we had a wonderful visit.  She is planning on coming back on the Fourth of July, so she can ride my new jet ski.

  miss baton rogue 004 (1)


This is the Miss Baton Rouge…..Roy bought this ski for me.

If you like to ride, come on over and we will spend the day on the lake.

See Y’ all

A Happy Mother

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Tara said...

What a cute post!