Friday, February 6, 2009


If you have not been to her blog, you should go immediately…it is fabulous.  I hope Avery enjoys the bracelet.

The necklace is also gone….feels good to share a little love at this time of the year.  Thanks so much for all the interest and especially for all the kind words. 

Blogging friends are so encouraging, kind, and make life fun.  God bless each of you and your families.

Today is clean up day in anticipation of Tara’s arrival…..of course she doesn’t care if I clean or not, but I do.  Don’t want her to think her old mother can’t still cut the mustard!!!!!!!!!!

We had a great bridge day yesterday.  If you don’t play games with some of your friends, I think you miss a lot of good laughs. We play what we call party bridge… one gets upset over mistakes and we all help each other.  It was a day full of laughter and good desserts.

I am still working on the baby afghan, which this time is for a boy or at least it is blue and green.  This will be the next give away.  Alert any of your friends that have baby boys or grand children to get ready to register.

Sorry to report that Little Man didn’t make it….I think she just didn’t enough milk… the the other one the dogs got after died also. This breaks our hearts, but Roy keeps reminding me that is part of raising animals, but  don’t let him fool you, I have seen a tear or two in his eyes when one dies.  There are a whole bunch of baby goats running around heaven!

I have a special request today ….Roy’s mother is dying with cancer.  It is all over her body and without strong medication, she would be in terrible pain.  Please pray with us that God will comfort her take her to be with him.  Thank You.

See Y’all,



Southern Lady said...

Barbara, I'm so excited about winning your pretty valentine bracelet. Avery is going to love it.

I'm so sorry about Roy's mother and pray that God will bless her with rest and peace soon.

Enjoy your time with your daughter.



ginny said...

Will be praying for Roy's mother for peace and comfort.

justabeachkat said...

Hi Barbara

I'm so sorry to read about Roy's mother. I just stopped and said a prayer for her. I was sad too to read about the death of those precious baby goats.

I hope you have a wonderful visit with your daughter.


debbie said...

Dear Barbara,
Congrats to Avery for winning your beautiful bracelet.
I am so very sorry about Roy's mother...prayers will be sent out to many prayer warriors and for you and Roy to have "peace" during this difficult time.
I'm sorry the other baby goat died. that would be the hard part of raising them.
have a wonderful time visiting with your daughter.