Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We are talking, talking and setting my new computer.


We only left the house yesterday to drive thru the bank and get Tara some diet Cokes.  My new all-in-one computer came and we spent the day on the floor setting it up and transfering information.

Tara just built a new home so  we downloaded pictures and discussed and  discussed her house, the colors, furniture, pool, etc.     DCP_0862

Remember she just moved in and needs lots of stuff….This  is living room. DCP_0860



pool and  patio

I am really proud of her, she has done a great job , she researched everything and choose wisely.

She raises goats, cows, horses and has a donkey, 3 dogs and several cats….kinda like her mother.

Mother’s like to brag and I am no exception.

Thanks for bearing with me.

It rained in Jewett yesterday, not much, but we thank the Good Lord for every drop.  There is suppose to be more today. 

My yard and pasture are  dirt and  Roy said, he was soon going to  dust the catfish for ear ticks.   That sounded bad!

I haven’t been to many blogs in the last several days, so I hope everyone is ok.

See you Soon

Bye Y’all,



Kim~HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs said...

Enjoy your new computer. Hopefully you'll share more pictures of your daughter's home...love the kitchen.

Sharon said...

Barbara, Hi! So glad your daughter got to your home safe. I know you were so excited to see her! Have fun and what a lucky daughter to have a neat mother like you! Love, your Buffalo friend, Sharon

Shellmo said...

Your daughter must be so excited about her beautiful new home! Enjoy your time together! Happy Valentine's day!