Sunday, August 9, 2009

Blue Monday/ WOW!



Bet you can’t guess who our hostess is for Blue Monday….in case you are new, it is the famous Sally at Smiling Sally.  There you will find all the Blue Mondays you could possibly want. 


download[2]  I started wondering about how many shades of blue there were and boy are there a lot.  So here are some of the ones I found listed  in Wikipedia. You can see the color chart below.

Shades of blue

Air Force blue
Alice blue
Baby blue
Brandeis blue
Cambridge Blue
Carolina blue
Cobalt blue

Columbia blue
Cornflower blue
Dark blue
Dodger blue
Duke blue
Egyptian blue
Electric blue
Han blue

International Klein blue
Light blue
Majorelle blue
Maya blue
Midnight blue
Navy blue
Persian blue
Powder blue

Prussian blue
Royal blue
Sky blue
Steel blue
Yale Blue



I decided I would look up a few of these blues.  The first one was  Brandeis Blue,   I knew there was a Brandeis University and sure enough it is associated with the University.

Next I looked up Majorelle Blue.

Majorelle Garden, Marrakech

Majorelle Garden, Marrakech

In 1924 the French artist Jacques Majorelle constructed his largest art work, the Majorelle Garden in Marrakech, Morocco, and painted the garden walls, fountains, features and villa this very intense shade of blue, for which he trademarked the name Majorelle Blue.

Hope you enjoyed a little lesson in the color blue.  I thought it was quite interesting and may look up and post about some other colors later.




Mimi said...

Never knew so many blues!!!! That is why I love the big box a crayons!!!! But there was lots of new ones on your list!!!!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I love all the various shades of blue, Barbara. SO this was a fun post to read. I did learn something knew. Thanks for doing that research for us. I enjoyed reading all the various shades!

Happy Blue Monday!


Sheila :-)

Unknown said...

How cool, learning where the different names came from! I live right near Brandeis!
I am having a big book giveaway. Hope you'll check it out!

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

This was such a fun/great post. Love all that blue info...who knew?! I sure didn't :0)
Thnanks for the lesson in blue and I hope you have a perfectly wonderful day!

Drawn to The Sea said...

What a fun post; educational, too. All those blues... I bet they sound lovely in French or Spanish.

Happy Blue Monday!
Julia @ Drawn to the Sea

Candy said...

Wow I didn't know there were so many.Thanks for looking that up and sharing.
I love you goat collage, I knew you could do it!
And HB to hubby Roy to bad he had to work on his day!
Have a great Monday ;-)

bj said...

Great balls of fire...had NO clue there were this many shades of blue. You know, I used to love the color blue so much that I decorated with it for years. Finally burned myself out on it and I don't do blue much now at all. My blue and white dishes, I still love and I have a couple of chairs in blue that I want to recover someday.
Good post!!

Becky K. said...

Cool! Blue, that is!

No, this was a cool post!
No wonder it is so hard to find just the right shade to paint on any given wall. There are so many.

Becky K.

Cindy said...

Nice post. All the pretty blues. Love the pictures you found to go with them.

ItaJeff said...

I never knew that there are so many blues. Very informative & great post. Thank you for sharing
Happy Blue Monday

Mary Bergfeld said...

What a great post. Thanks for doing the research for us and presenting it in a summarized fashion. Have a wonderful day.

Coloradolady said...

Wow. That is a lot of blues....interesting for sure! Happy Blue Monday.

Terry said...

Howdy Barbara
Happy Blue Monday .
I never knew there were so many blues !
Thank you for sharing this fabulous post
and all the awesome blue information :)
Blessings to you sweet lady.
Happy Trails

Sarah said...

It's fun to think about all the various shades of blue. Some times I like to browse the paint chips just to see the wonderful names given to each of the different shades within a color range. I've been to the Majorelle Garden in Marrakech. The blue is truly that vivid. It is a beautiful garden! Hope to see you over at

SmilingSally said...

So many blues, and I love all of 'em! Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday.

I never mentioned our anniversary. You didn't miss a thing.

Anonymous said...

Happy Blue Monday, Barbara! Love all the different blues!
A fun, pretty and educational post all-in-one!
Have a splendid evening!

~Let FREEDOM Ring!~

MyThoughtsMyVoice said...

I remember as a child I was happy to have a single file of crayond with different colors (ROYGBV).

And then I get excited to see a double row of colors in my crayons (with 2-color combo).

Oh but I squeal when I see not only double, not trible, but lots of rows in two columns of colors of crayons! LOL

I wonder, what do you think will be Sally's Blue Monday shade of blue :-)

Happy Blue Monday!