Sunday, August 16, 2009

Praying for God’s Will and the Strength to Accept It/ Amy


This morning, I am trying to remember to pray for the right things and not be angry with God.

This young beautiful girl has suffered so much and is still suffering. Debbie and Richard are stressed and strained beyond words as is  extended family, especially Sherrie and Heidi.

So as I sit here with tears and a broken heart, I do not want to question God (although is it hard to understand).  My dear friends, I am struggling with questions and looking for answers.

Amy’s condition had gone from bad to worse and she needs a tracheotomy  and a Peg tube. There will be no quality of life for her with things to sustain her life.  So, I ask myself what do I pray for….

What do I pray for.


Thanks to Charlotte and Ginger for hosting this Most Holy of Days. Visit the Enchanting Cottage for list of others Giving thanks to God.


Denise said...

Standing in prayer with you dear one.

SmilingSally said...

I'm reading a book by Ruth Graham entitled, Fear Not Tomorrow, God Is Already There. She says in the book that it's okay to question God, that even Jesus questioned God. So, ask Him, and at the same time, ask Him for help to trust that He is in control.

Lisa said...

Oh Barbara! I feel your anguish. I will be praying for God's mercy in this situation. Bless you friend, for standing in the gap.

susan said...

The hardest thing for me, and I think most of us, is giving God complete control--we don't always like or understand the outcome. I will continue to pray for God's will, strength, and courage for them.

RCUBEs said...

Sometimes, we don't know what to pray, but He promised that the Holy Spirit will intercede for us...And for us, we are standing in prayers with you. God bless.

ginny said...

Oh Barbara, I can feel your pain. I can only say that we don't know why there is so much pain and sickness in this world, and why our loved ones are targeted. It is ok to question God. Jesus Himself questioned " My God My God why have you forsaken me?" But in the end He said "Not my will, but Thine be done." There is a purpose for suffering. Call it redemptive, perhaps. God uses that pain for good. We may not know how, but it will be revealed one day, maybe here one earth, or maybe in Heaven. Whatever the outcome, Amy will be drawn up into the arms of her Father, and will suffer no more, and will attain the happiness she so deserves! Keep your prayers for Amy and her family strong, asking God that His will be done in her life.
On a side bar...I remember when my mother was dying and I asked God to take His daughter to be with Him as I could no longer bear to see her suffer. I no sooner got that prayer of submission out of my mouth, when my mother passed. I think often times we hold on and hold on and want control, but when we finally give it up to Him, our prayers are answered.
I believe that sometimes we don't know how to pray, so it is then that the Holy Spiorit will interced for us. Try to be at peace with your prayer. You are such a faithful friend, full of compassion and love. The Lord draws near to the broken hearted, so just let Him draw near to you and feel His loving Presence.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

My Dear Sweet Barbara:
Please come to my blog. I have posted a new post. Our Angel Amy is back and she is a fighter. She is not giving up honey. Come read. I love oyu, Sherry

jeanne said...

Hi Barbara, Be assured my prayers are constant for Amy and her Family. I have lost loved ones to cancer and I can only tell you it is a painful sad time in ones life.

Blessings to your for posting about Amy so diligently.


Tammy said...

I've just read the latest update! God is in control!

marty39 said...

It is so hard to pray for God's will to be done, but that's He asks us to do. I just read that Amy has regained consciousness, and what a blessing that is. I am praying for a full recovery and still trying to pray for His will. Hugs, Marty

Mimi said...

God is a good God and worthy to be Praised and we must hang in there and Pray!!!
Blessings to you today

Charlotte said...

Sometimes it is hard to know how to pray and what to pray for. This case with Amy is one of those times when it's hard to understand why. I'm praying that they will all be comforted with the knowledge that He understands even when we don't. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us today.

Clif said...

Wow! Those who got here before me have left wonderful comments for you. You have some very wise readers of your blog. I will join with them and you in praying.

Ashley ~ said...

I too am sad for Amy today, but continue to pray for God's will be done. Several years ago, after my hysterectomy for Ovarian Cancer, my pastor visited with me and I will never forget his words to me. He said,"God is too loving to be cruel, and too wise to make mistakes." I have lived by those words for the last 8 years on my journey with cancer. We have to remember those words as we pray for Amy, today. ((hugs)) _Ashley*

Tootsie said...

I know how you feel when things seem so senseless why do they happen?
My situation is not as desperate as yours is...and I do hope that whatever his will is...that it will be evident soon. I am also praying with you!

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Barbara, I believe in our hearts we all question God from time to time. What we must remember, God doesn't cause these terrible things to happen, but he does permit them for a reason, we may never know what the reason is, but he does. He maybe using this terrible thing to reach someone or to touch many lives (as from these post) he has.
I believe she came back to us because her job here on earth is not over. I will continue to pray for pain relief.

MyJourneyBack said...

I had a busy week and wasn't able to visit or post much. If you didn't find White Wednesday go by my blog the link is on my sidebar. I think it is You have to have cottage on it.
Anyway...if you still can't find it let me know.
I don't exactly know if these are friends or relatives of yours but I want to lift you and them up right now. How hard it is to loose someone you love or even care deeply about. I don't have the answers. I haven't lost to death many but I have lost a lot of children (not my own) I pray that even though they are gone that someone takes over where I have left off and that they reach out to God and accept his love. I have a tremendous amount of fear alot too. And a tremendous amount of frustration with God. Although the cause is not nearly the same the outcome is. Our unfaithfulness our, our hurt and our anguish. The only answer is to continue to trust even when you don't feel like it. Even when you don't think that you hear from God. Because believe it or not you really do. God reminds you when you ask for his help. He reminds you when you receive sweet encouragement from sisters. He will remind you in the simple things in life when you look out your kitchen window and see green beans growing or baby kitties playing. It is those things that make us smile I think that he uses to remind us. To pull us out of our grief if only for a moment at a time. I pray God gives you those moments. I pray God reveals himself to you and reminds you that he loves you, he loves your loved ones he cares. His son cares. Love and Hugs,

Joy said...

God hears your moaning and cries. The Holy Spirit prays on our behalf when we don't know what to pray. I'll pray along with you.


enchanting cottage said...

I will pray for Amy, and for the famile to have comfort in God. You will be in my prayers with Amy.
God Bless,

Tracy said...

Barbara, I pray for their comfort and the strength to get them through. God knows what they need.
I pray for you too is so hard to have friends going through such things and to know what to do for them.

Lynns Lovelies said...

Oh Barbara, you are so right. Sometimes it is just so hard to understand why those we love have to suffer so.
Thanks so much for your post as we all continue to keep this wonderful family and sweet Amy in our thoughts and prayers...


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