Friday, August 21, 2009



Many, Many thanks to Beverly for her continuous hosting Pink Saturday.  Visit her  for other Pinkers at How Sweet the Sound.


A lot of people are wearing dominoes like this one, I made for my daughter, Tara.

I have made others and they are gone.


In Hobby Lobby, I found these little trinkets and thought what cute necklaces they would  make especially for teenager.



Isn’t the little cat darling



Not much to post, but sending you bushels of good wishes for a great Pink Saturday,


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

OMG Barbara!
What a wonderful Pink Saturday Post. Love your new look. So updated and fresh. Love the little necklace. I imagine they all would be gone. What a precious craft is that. All ages will love them. I love it. Just love it. Thanks for sharing. Dominoes hu? Love Ya, Sherry

Coloradolady said...

Hi Barbara, I just sent you an email....lovely pinks. Have a great day.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Barbara!
I needed to take a little breather from posting about Amy. It has been a struggle for her of late. Things are up and down so quickly that I can't keep up and especially with my job. Debbie learned to change her trach. yesterday, and she also learning about the care of the trach. and Amy's feeding tube. Amy will have to be watched 24/7 for the rest of her life. That is a given. She has to be suctioned. We have since found out that she will never be able to eat again, not even thickened food, and when they did her trach. it took away her sense of smell. That too is gone. She did speak some words yesterday. It is very tiring and exhausting for her, but she is able to cover her trach with her finger and say a few words. This is a good thing, yes in her own voice. Her blood pressure kept dropping yesterday. It was like 68/25 at one point. Definitely not good. They had to change her pain meds around again, that was the cause in BP drop. They have also had trouble getting her oxygen level to stay up, it wasn't good yesterday so she is back on 40% oxygen. She is still having apnea, so that is a problem. They are checking into a machine that hooks up to her trach. instead of your face to breathe for her if she stops. Debbie is so busy trying to learn about everything that she hardly has time for anything. She said that looking into that trach was really hard for her as you could see Amy's windpipe where they had just jabbed everything out to get that trach in her. Debbie will have to keep an emergency trach at her bedside incase for any reason her current would come out. She has exactly 20 minutes to get a new one in. The Dr. walked her through it and she did just fine. I pray for them everyday, every second actually. Heidi and Tony are leaving in the next few minutes to head that way. They are driving straight through and will be there tomorrow. Heidi is going to stay with Amy and Tony will go to Enid to visit my folks. It will be good for him to get away. Pray for them while they are traveling. I love you, Sherry

Just Me said...

Thanks for sharing. Happy PS! Please stop by for a visit!

SmilingSally said...

What teen wouldn't like these?


Wow, I love your new fall colors!
Beautiful, just beautiful.

Happy weekend, Brook

suesueb said...

I love the domino necklace, made some a few years ago for my daughter too! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful pink week!!

Gabriela said...

Happy Pink Saturday!


~ Gabriela ~

Regina said...

Happy Pink Saturday and
enjoy the weekend.

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Hi Barbara....

Wow! Didn't you do a fabulous job on the necklace....I so wish we had a Hobby Lobby here in the PNW....but, alas.....NOPE....Darn it all. Marty at A Stroll Thru Life posted the MOST wonderful fabric store in her area today. I am positively green with envy!

Happy Pink Saturday!


Claudia said...

That shows how out of it I am - I had no idea domino necklaces were in! Happy Pink Saturday!

Lou said...

Hi Barbara..
Just stopping in to say what a wonderful Pink Saturday and dominoes post. Being a newbie, am trying to learn all the bells and whistles of blogging..
I did post some pink Roses over at my site for Pink Saturday..
if you enjoy roses and stuff, drop by for a looksee!

Unknown said...

Barbara, what a wonderful necklace! Who knew that dominoes could be so pretty?! Well done!

Love your new signature!

Happy Pink Saturday!


Mary Bergfeld said...

Barbara, I love the pinks you've chosen to share with us today. I love the necklace. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

ItaJeff said...

Lovely post
Happy PS and have a great weekend

jeanne said...

Good morning Barbara, your new header is beautiful and your signature is too. he domino necklaces are so pretty. You may start a new rage!!! Love the cat too. Cute items to make necklaces with.

Not to make you jealous, but it is a cool 57 degrees in the mountains this morning. This summer has been very mild as apposed to a lot of the country. We are so lucky.


Tootsie said...

those would make my girls giggle with glee and they are not even teens yet!!! I hope you have fun making them!

♥Mimi♥ said...

So sorry that I am getting to you a day late and a dollar short for Pink Saturday. Seems like the day just got away from me.

The sun was out in the afternoon and all day today, so with all the rain we've had, I went outside to play.

As always, it is a pleasure to come here to see what you are sharing and what you've been up to during the week. Thanks so much for making my weekend all ♥Pink and Pretty♥

Anonymous said...