Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Trip to Round Top, Texas/ OUTDOORS WEDNESDAY

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Round Top is home to the James Dick Foundation for the Performing Arts and its sole project, The International Festival-Institute at Round Top, were founded in 1971 by world-renowned concert pianist James Dick. Begun with a handful of gifted young pianists in rented space on the town square, the project is now an internationally acclaimed European-styled music institute for aspiring young musicians and distinguished faculty.
Over a thirty eight year period and with the help of its patrons and friends, The James Dick Foundation for the Performing Arts has developed superb year round education and performance programs. It has created also an unique 210-acre campus - Festival Hill - containing major performance facilities, historic houses, extensive gardens, parks and nature preserves. Through its singular collection of rare books, manuscripts, archival material, music and historic recordings, photographs and objects, the Festival-Institute is also known as an important center for research and scholarly study.


The crowds are tremendous and people come from all over the US and even foreign countries.  I have never been.

They have some permanent shops and a restaurant called Royer’s that has been written up in tons of magazines.

So off Roy and I went for lunch and some sight-seeing.  When we arrived, we put our name on the waiting list for lunch, I got a glass of wine and Roy a beer and off we went to the shop next door.006 click to enlarge…this is Royer’s007

This is Lizzie Lou’s and to my surprise, I recognized one of the ladies.  She is the owner and was from Beaumont and had a shop there at the same time I did. Small world, but wait…a lady in there visiting was from Lake Limestone and was neighbors with one of my friends.  We have a house on the lake also.

We returned to Royer’s in time to here our name called and first had stuffed and fried jalapenos. The were stuffed with broccoli and cheese.

Then for entrees, I had a stuffed quail with mashed potatoes and balsamic vinegar  veggies and Roy had snapper with a wine sauce  with  veggies.

Dessert for me was a creamy key lime pie and Roy had cinnamon bread pudding to go.

Wow…yes you are right.

We then decided we needed to walk around the square and so while I went in shops, Roy took pictures.
















This is a shop called Crazy Emma’s.  I think…




This is a private home and it is much prettier than the picture shows.









The above 3 pictures are all of the home and its  surroundings.



Another private home.






Old tub and bottle tree behind one of the stores.



Area in center of shops.

The remaining pictures are shops.









We left hot, tired and very fluffy, but enjoyed our day.  It is about 130 miles one way, but in Texas that is just considered a hop, skip and a jump away.  Did I buy something, yes, but it is a gift for a friend and she will see it.  Nothing just breath-taking.

Hope you enjoyed your trip to Round Top, Texas.


Robin said...

Thanks for the tour of Round Top! I haven't been there yet and would like to go some day:) Also, thanks for the crock-pot looks yummy!

Stacey said...

I have always wanted to go to Round Top and haven't made it there. Looks like a fun weekend stop for a girl trip!

SmilingSally said...

You certainly had a nice summer trip. Thanks for taking me along. That lunch alone was worth it!

dana said...

This trip sounds like one I would LOVE. Wow, to start off with a glass of wine, then to shop! Sounds delightful.....but so did that key lime pie! YUM! My friends and I hope to travel to Round Top one day...I can hardly wait!

Have a great day! Dana

Shelia said...

Morning, Barbara! Oh, what a sweet little tour! I loved it! I wanna go there! I've never been and I live in Texas! But it is a big ole state!
Be a sweetie,

Shelia ;)

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Barbara,
Thanks for the tour honey. I always so enjoy my visits here. Debbie will miss all of our blogs. She so enjoyed coming to them. She is about to embark on a very charted journey though, so I will see them for her. You can tell her about what you see. She needs that outside activity in her life. Take care my friend and I hope you will still stop by and say hi once and awhile. Country Hugs, Sherry

LV said...

I have been intending to go to Round Rock, but things have not worked out. After your visit, I want to go even more. Look like a very interesting little town. I really enjoyed going along with you.

Mimi said...

I have made the trip through Texas on I-10 from one end to the other, moving kids back and forth from Phx to Orlando, Fl, is Round Top Texas off of I-10????? I got speeding ticket in Ozona!!!!! The sherriff was very nice but had a very think accent!!! I love small towns and would love to visit maybe the next time we are through there!!!!haha

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

How much fun it must have been to enjoy the town without the throngs of shoppers that are there during Antique Week! Thank you for the tour and the photos. ~Mindy

trash talk said...

Fluffy is right after dining at Royer's! You've got to come back during Antique Week...the transformationis amazing. It's such a charming little town and the whole area is wonderful.
If you do get to come,be sure and drop by and see me in nearby Warrenton. I'm at Zapp Hall. You can't miss me. Our tent is right by the "temporary for the show" Royer's and the beer garden!

Terry said...

Howdy Barbara
Wow this was awesome.
I have never been ,I have always wanted to go thanks to all the stories one hears.
Now that you have been the fire has been stirred once again :)
I tried to leave a comment on Debbies blog but my computer would not allow it .
So please let her know I am praying,I am thinking of her and will be here when she is able to return .
Thank you so very much for the awesome tour today it was really wonderful.
I am so glad you got to go.
Blessings of joy to you.
Big Hugs
Happy Trails

Buttercup said...

This looks fabulous. I think I need to schedule a trip to Texas.

Tootsie said...

thanks for taking us along! I have never heard of it...but it sounds like a great place to visit!

Junkin' Yaya said...

I can't believe we missed each other on the same day at Lou's place! Glad to hear you enjoyed your trip and made it safely back home.

My Yaya store is just south of 290W and Hwy 6N in Houston. Very easy to get too if you are coming from the Brenham area down 290. I would love to see you....there will be a cold one waitin' for ya!


jeanne said...

Barbara, how fun to go to Round Top. I want to go too. I love all of your photos. Royer's sounds like a great place to eat. Your lunch sounds delicious.

I enjoyed the homes very much. But, the barn, with the huge painting of Steers is wonderful. with all the tables I wondered if that is a different photo of Royer's.

The entire trip was so terrific. I loved it all. Lucky you.


ginny said...

Loved the tour. I would love to go anywhere in Texas. Oh, I love key lime pie,Yum!

Bellamere Cottage said...

How totally charming! And, I'd have gotten the Key Lime pie too! :-)

Thanks for sharing that quaint little town....I've never seen anything like it.