Saturday, December 27, 2008


Well, I braved the crowds and ventured out yesterday into the world of bargains.  It was strange, some of the stores were crowded and others only had a few shoppers.....but everyone was eating out.  Resturants were full at lunch and dinner.

On to my purchases....I have bunko twice in the month of January. I'm just lucky that way, so  I needed prizes.  You will notice in the pictures that I am a practical prize buyer, but only after years of getting great prizes that were of no use to me.   Oh, I did get plenty I could use, but now I am getting picky and mostly tired of dusting all the stuff.

There 3 of the prizes, abargains 001 2009 Texas Road Atlas,a desk calendar called Country Living and 10 non-slip skinny hangers.





I also bought gift card,  those hot wax tubs you put your feet or your hands in, the box  of different flavors of chocolate and peppermint stick dipped in chocolate and the crosses on a stand.


bargains 002 

    For us, I bought 3 Santa's  (showing you one),material to make table cloths, and a table runner for Bunko.  I bought numerous other things I will not bore you with.  bargains 004

Did I get a lot of bargains....I think I did.....Roy probably doesn't agree.....hehehe

The weather here has turned cold and wet.  The temp has dropped 20+ degrees in the last hour and we are under a tornado alert.

See Y' all.


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