Friday, December 26, 2008


I know better than this...but I haven't been out on this day in several years, so I thought I would try today. I don't really need anything but my daughter will be here Monday so I will try to find some little things for her...she loves to open packages. My cousin in coming also and we will have Christmas on New Year's day. The oil field never shuts down, so you get accustomed to having holidays when Roy is off.

Roy was working yesterday, so it was very quite around here. He came home yesterday afternoon for a couple of hours and we had our lunch/supper.

I hope if you are venturing out today, you are very careful. The weather here is hot today but it will not last long. This has been very strange weather for us.

Well, I am off to capture all those bargains out there....will report when I return.

Have a great day!

See Y'all


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