Monday, December 29, 2008



Today like most Mondays, I have a million things to do, so I will just say hello and show you 2 of my calico cats.  Meow Say Toon was the first calico to arrive on our door step one cold December day around Christmas time. Roy named her and took her to the vet.  The lady at the vet's office ask her name and Roy told her and she repeated her question and Roy said the name again.  She looked at him hard and said "All right Roy, what is the cat's real name".  Roy realizing he was not getting through to her just said,"Noel".  So at the vet's office she is Noel but her real name is Meow Say Toon.  She is in the front of the seat of the chair.

Miss Cali, which he has since called Lt.Cali was the last to arrive. She came and left several times before she decided to stay.  She now lives almost constantly in the house and become Roy's buddy.

cats in chair 002

Cali is in the back of the seat.  Can you tell they are kin? I would love to see or find the mother, we have 4 of her children, 3 calicos and 1 solid black (Tee Neg). I posted her picture before.

Well now that you are bored to tears, I will share my recipe for the day with you.


1 lb lean ground beef

2 tbs. taco seasoning mix

2 tbs. ice water

1cup shredded cheese



1/2 pt  sour cream

2 tbs. taco sauce

2 oz.  chopped ripe olives

3/4 cup coarsely crushed tortilla chips

To prepare tart chip filling, mix all ingredients together and set aside.

In medium bowl mix beef, taco seasoning and ice water with hands.  Press into bottom and sides of 1 1/2 inch miniature muffin cups, forming a shell.  Place a spoonful  of filling in each shell, mounding slightly.  Sprinkle cheese on top and bake for  10 minutes at 350.  With tip of a knife, remove tarts from pan.  Serve immediately or cool and freeze.  Makes about 30.  You can add sour cream or a slice of avocado or jalapeno on top or you can chop jalapeno  and put in filling mix.

I don't have a picture,  I am making these today.

Have a great day.

See Ya'll


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Barbee' said...

I'm not at all bored! I loved reading your post, and seeing those beautiful calicoes. I can't have pets so I adore! looking at others'. Never too many pictures of the animals.