Saturday, January 24, 2009


I ventured out today after a man ran the bell at the gate to tell me that two goats were out .   After chasing them down the fence line, I discovered a Mamma goat with a new baby.  The baby was still wet and it was freezing, so I brought it and the nanny to the barn.

For some unknown reason, maybe nervousness, the mother would not let him eat and she pawed at him.  Roy and I decided it would be best to bring him in tonight and try to reconcile them tomorrow after mother settles down.  Luckily we found a feed store open late Saturday evening and we got colostrum, without this in the first 24 hours, most babies will not survive.

I have a play pen to keep the babies in, Little Man now has a full little tummy and is sound asleep in the kitchen in his playpen.

I seriously doubt that the mother will take him back, but I have raised a lot of babies in the playpen.IMG_0572 IMG_0571

This is Little Man and his mother is snow white.

As I have said before, there is nothing sweeter than a baby goat.

See Ya’ll,



debbie said...

What a precious often will he have to be fed....why would the mother have rejected him....our little kitty we bottle fed round the clock...the vet said that sometimes a mother cat will desert a kitten if she thinks there is something wrong with the kitten...he is a year and a half and he is our baby....I just wondered if it was normal for a goat to desert her baby..... thank you for sharing

Barbee' said...

Aaaaa, poor little fellow. He is lucky you came along!