Monday, January 12, 2009


I decided on my blog name because I love purple and we raise goats, but I haven’t written a lot about my goats.  So today is the day.

At the present  time we have about 40, which is a low number for us,  but I had back surgery last spring so we cut back and will buy more nannies in the spring. 

I name most of my nannies and they are mostly named because of some characteristic.

I have Momma who is a granddaughter from our very first 2 goats.  There is Hairy Legs,  she produces the biggest goats, one of her son’s is our next Billy, his name is Baron.

Other names, Spider Lady, Ugly, Wormy, Princess, Daisy Mae, Susie, Cry Baby, Dottie, Flying Nun, Folded Ears, and there are some with just numbers and I haven’t named the new ones. 

I only name the boys or boy we plan on keeping for the next generation Billy. The one we kept this time is Wormy’s boy and his name is War Blanket.

Most of our goats are a mix of Boar and Spanish.  In our area, where we usually have lots of moisture, full blood Boar goats are harder to raise because of the worm problem. We do have about 1/2 Boar and 1/2 Mix.

Contrary to public opinion, goats do not eat just anything, at least no ours.  This is the home of very spoiled goats and Roy blames that on me.  I insist we feel them when they should be eating grass and hay in the winter time.


This is one of my unnamed and not numbered goats.079





These are Wormy’s sons , the one with the white ears looking this way is War Blanket.



Hope you can see this!  An old tree fell and before we could cut it up, the goats played King on the Tree.  Goats are very playful, they love to have things to climb on, in fact they climbed on my tractor and somehow turned on the lights and ran the battery down.


This is my Mary.  She is a full blood, registered Anatolian Shepherd and she is the love of Pilgrim’s life.  I am not sure he could live without Mary.  I just discovered several cuts on Mary’s ear, so they have been in fight with something.  Not bad cuts and I am sure the other fellow is dead.  The only thing that worries us….them trying to take on a very large cat that comes thru here about every 90 days, but so far the cat has not come in the pasture to our knowledge.

077 I will show more goat pictures later.  We don’t have anyone expecting (I don’t think) anytime soon.  We try not to have January or February babies…cold and damp, causes pneumonia.

Well,   I need to move on, I have to go to Bryan/College Station this morn and get stuff for Bunko tomorrow.  I got smart this time and ordered my meat, potato salad and baked beans, so all I have to do is dessert and tea.

Have a great day and may God walk with you.

See Ya’ll,



Anonymous said...

I love seeing your goats!
My husband sayes I over feed our goats and animals too.
I also spoil them and I can't help but get attached to some of them.
It is hard when you lose one.
The adult goats we have now are the ones I had raised on bottles. When we sold the others I couldn't part with my babies. My husband said I kept the lame, lazy, and sick.

Great photos.
Have a great day.

Shellmo said...

I enjoyed the photos of your goats! And your anatolian dog is so beautiful! I just love working dogs!! Right now we are on a waiting list for a Bernese Mountain Dog.

Barbee' said...

What a fun and interesting post! Thank you, I loved it!