Saturday, January 10, 2009


It took me about an hour and a half to get to 1960 and over 30 minutes to get down that road to Willow brook Mall.  There was bumper to bumper traffic at 9:30 in the morn and a traffic light every block.  When I finally got to the mall…I was to tired to shop…..believe that, well then as the song says ‘’ I have some ocean front property in Arizona”.

Why did I have to go to that particular mall, good question.  I had purchased Bare Essentials makeup on line  and want some further help and products and guess what there is no boutique in Jewett, which has only 800 souls and I don’t live in town.

Enough complaining.  After a little shopping in the mall, I head to the bead shop.  Bad  idea, too many beads, not enough money.  I  did get a few and a new ring called Staxx.  You city ladies are thinking boy is she behind the times.  I love it and it has a purple stone in it.



This is the ring and the pieces I got to go with it.


They are really cute and you can buy as many pieces to change it as your pocketbook or husband can afford.

The bead shop was awesome.  I have to look up name again but it was on Louetta Road in Spring.079






The ladies there were very helpful…easy when your spending someone else's money.//  Just teasing.

Well, I have been fooling with this new computer since 2:00 am is morn and I need a break.  Have a fabulous day.

See Ya’ll



Norma said...

I haven't seen those rings, but it looks interesting. I live in a large city, so I know how you feel. My husband works from home and we are thinking of moving to the country. Have a great day.

Shellmo said...

Hi Barbara - sorry to hear about your long drive! I hope you got some great beads! Glad you stopped by my blog so I could discover yours. Be sure to come by again! I am going to be one of your "followers." :)

cityfarmer said...

sometimes you just get stuck in the least ou don't have blizzards....

don't miss the fun over at cityfarmer....sounthern slang thang