Sunday, August 30, 2009

blue monday/blue goats


Blue Monday

Smiling Sally is still hosting this fun day, and you can tell I am getting desperate.

Thanks Sally,,,drop in on her if you want to see loads of blue.

Here is my poor desperate attempt to participate in Blue Monday




Well, what did you expect from the Purple Goat Lady…………



Becky K. said...

Wow! "Smurf-ish" goats.

Wait until you see what I am putting together. Thank goodness for kids and a mother with a sense of humor.

I'll have it up tomorrow morning.

Becky K.

Lou said...

Well ladies..
I've combined my letter S from a-z backwards with BLUE MONDAY!
so..come on over to my place..
I promise you'll like what you see..
no goats tho,,and no blue coffee!!
♥ Lou

Candy said...

I would say a great job. BLUUUUE GOOOOATS, how clever of youuuuuu!
Glad you got a little inspiration for your Mason Jars and be sure a share about it.
Happy day ;-)

SmilingSally said...

LOL You must have hunted long and hard to come up with so many blue goats! Good Happy Blue Monday.

PS Your original link was defective, but I fixed it. : )

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Happy Blue Monday, Barbara. Who would have goats! Cute! You wanted to know where PEI is....Are you familiar with Anne of Green Gables? Well I live on Prince Edward Island, home of Anne, and it is a little island on the east coast of Canada in the Atlantic Ocean. We're nestled in beside Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. A cozy little spot which the tourists just love! Have a wonderful day.


jeanne said...

I expect blue goats Barbara, Love em. Love you too and your blog.


tales from an oc cottage said...

HOW...did you find so many "vibrant" goats!!!! Too funny!!

m ^..^

LV said...

Barb, tune in Tuesday on my post for the final count. I never saw a blue goat, but yours look cute. Happy you left me a comment.

Neabear said...

I think it is a great Blue Monday post! I didn't get to doing Blue Monday this week. Too busy on the weekend. Perhaps next week.

Mary said...

I kinda expected blue goats and I think yours are perfect for Blue Monday :-). Have a wonderful day.

shopannies said...

never knew there were blue goats

Barb said...

had me going when you said 'blue goats'. =0-))
thanks for coming by last week. slow getting back, but made it!!

mystery item revealed if you still want to know.

barbara jean

Nancy said...

Hi Barbra, How cute are those goats!

Thanks so much for stopping by to welcome me's good to be back! Nancy

ellen b. said...

Well I sorta expected Purple goats but these blue ones are great for Blue Monday. Happy Blue Monday to you :0)

Chari said...

Hi Barbara...

Just read the sweet note that you left for me on my frenchy happy that you came by for a visit and thank you so much for your sweet comments!!!

Girl, you really had me going at first when I read your title "Blue Goats"...hehe! I was wondering if there was such a thing? Hehe!!! I love your blue looks like you had some fun putting that pretty blue goat mosaic together!!! Too cute!!!

Warmest wishes,

Kitty Valerie said...

Ha, ha, ha! That was witty!

Have a great Blue Monday. Warm regards from Chile,


darnold23 said...

Love the blue appropriate:)

Thoughtfully blended hearts said...

Yeeks, they are blue!!! Cool!!!

Cindy said...

Your so funny! What would one expect, blue goats.

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

I'd expect Purple the magic of photo smart...

Kat said...

Very clever girlfriend!


Drawn to The Sea said...

Well now, I expect a Texan to be funny. You do not disappoint!